Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Thurrock women divided on Stacey Solomon smoking controversy

THURROCK WOMEN have come to the defence of Thurrock-based Stacey Solomon over the controversy surrounding her smoking whilst she is pregnant.

X-Factor star, Stacey is now a regular site around Thurrock but she was snapped smoking even though she is seven months pregnant.

Twenty per cent of Thurrock women smoke during pregnancy and some have spoken to YT about the difficulties of giving up.

Helen said: “I tried to quit when pregnant and think it’s a stressful enough time without putting more stress upon yourself and poor Stacey definitely doesn’t need the pressure from the public.

“I tried to quit but couldn’t so cut down instead and have now managed to quit completely.

Sara also felt the the public should put things in proportion.

She said: “There are more health problems to worry than a sly cigarette or two. Children are born with so amy different problems. Stacey is great and is and will be a great mum. Leave her alone.”

Other Thurrock women have begged to differ.

Grace said: “The moment I found out I was pregnant I stopped. It is a simple choice. How anyone can pour poisons into a child’s body is beyond me.”

Whilst Jill was even more forthright. She said: “If she stubbed a cigarette out onto a baby’s arm, they would call the social. But she is blowing nicotine and arsenic into the babies lungs. These women appall me.



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