Wednesday, September 28, 2022

….meanwhile Thurrock MP asks: What have the DC done for us?

Jackie Doyle-Price (Thurrock, Conservative)

To ask the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government how many new (a) jobs and (b) homes have been created in Thurrock since the inception of the Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation.

Bob Neill (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Communities and Local Government; Bromley and Chislehurst, Conservative)

The following table provides information on planning consents granted by Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation since the corporation assumed planning powers.

Financial year Number of homes given planning consent Notional jobs that would be created
2005-06 1 132
2006-07 100 2,129
2007-08 20 921
2008-09 1,407 1,047
2009-10 260 954
2010-11 1,032 382
2011-12 1,938 2,027

Total 4,758 7,592


  1. So the sum total of the DC contribution is a load of planning consents. what a totally disgraceful record. So many millions spent on the DC and all we get is lots of planning consents. Jmw is right is this all the detail we get?

  2. Dave Peterson Tilbury another great point. Quick answer nothing much. i think more effort has been put into sorting out the brawl in the pub episode than sorting out issues for the peopel in Thurrock.

  3. It would be interesting to have a proper list detailing what the DC have actually done for Thurrock since 2005. The DC was a Labour government idea which was a complete waste of time and money with little positive impact on Thurrock…bit like the current Labour council really.

    As for Dave and Trisca, you obviously think that Labour has done wonders in Thurrock over the years (60+ bar the recent Tory spell) so having a Tory MP must not sit well with you but at least JDP raised an issue that 9 out of 10 people are thinking, Tory and Labour voters alike.

  4. Trisca is following the Labour mantra….disagree with everything the Tories say or do even if they are doing something positive. This is not a good attitude to have, especially for a ‘socialist’ whose main beliefs are equality and fairness to all.

  5. Bernard87 not really i actually think that some tories are decent folk and some tory ideas quite interesting. Yes i do support Labour policies about fairness for all as you put it. But thats the point you can clearly tell me what Labour represents but pray tell me what do tories represent? i dont think anyone has a clue!! As for gray64 comments about Trolls what did you think about the Coxshall incident? i mean did you see that picture? i heard some comparisons with Gollum (Lord of the Rings) although i would point out that Gollum is not technically a Troll.

  6. I didn’t read about the Coxshall incident so I will have to pass on that one but I do hope you haven’t miscontrued the term Troll in relation to internet related activity? I wasn’t referring to the Norse Trolls of legend.

  7. Common sense not political correctness and the only mainstream party whose main concerns are focused in Britain. Not to mention the party who has now had to clear up our economy thanks to Labour (this is the second time, lets not forget that great leader Jim Callaghan in 1979).

    Labour have and always will like to keep people in the same position. They fear if people aspire then they may not be so loyal to Labour. This is exactly why Thurrock has seen such decline in all our Labour years. Whether you choose to shut your eyes to it or not most people are sick of Labour and Eds mate Polly just seems more of the same.

    Regardless of whether you are Lab/Con/Lib you cannot deny that JDP has asked the question which many of us are thinking.


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