Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Courtney’s blog: Reflections on the Stop Kony campaign

Blogger Courtney Savage reflects on the Stop Kony campaign.

“Those that use social media sites, particularly twitter, will have seen various things relating to the invisible children charity and #stopKony. But the reason too many, may still be unclear.

On the 5th of March Invisible Children INC uploaded a skilfully crafted video to YouTube, highlighting the horrific crimes happening, in Uganda. Explaining at points to a child, and seeing a simplistic answer as to what we need to do, from someone so young. “we should stop them.”

Kony, and the rebels, kidnaps children. Turning the girls into sex slaves and the boys into child soldiers, forcing them to mutilate people and even kill their parents. These children are stolen, with no warning, usually from their bed.

After the narrator tells the story of Jacob, a boy who watched his brother get slaughtered for trying to escape, who then asks to be killed, because his life is not worth it; he tells us how he made a promise to stop it and how he intends to follow it through.

However after various meetings, they were told that the USA government won’t get involved in a conflict where national security or financial interest isn’t at stake. Which led them to one solution. Tell everyone they can about what is going on. And through this they created their own army. One with the intention to stop this. Until eventually, the next time they met with government officials they all agreed, something had to change. After 8 years of work, Barack Obama sent U.S troops out to stop it.

However it’s not over, not until Joseph Kony is found. He is responsible for the kidnap of over 30,000 children, responsible for sex crimes, murder, abuse. And the sad fact is. That before logging onto twitter, I had no idea who was. And I’m betting most people don’t either. So the goal is to make him known. To make him visible. And you can help. Make sure that ‘Where you live doesn’t determine whether you live,’ for some people. See the video here

And help make Kony ‘famous’.


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