Monday, September 26, 2022

Little Thurrock primary school “hanging” incident: “Nothing wicked or deliberate” says parent

THE PARENTS of the 10-year-old pupil involved in the incident at Little Thurrock Primary School on Wednesday, 29 February have issued the following statement today (Monday, 12 March), following continued “unsubstantiated and inaccurate rumours” about events that day.

They said:

“This incident was quite simply an accident, a matter of boys being boys. It could have happened to any one of them – or none; they simply did something silly without considering the possible consequences.

“Our son is now home and has returned to school. The time has come for people to realize there was nothing wicked or deliberate about what happened and to allow our son and the family to get on with our day-to-day lives without being pointed at or whispered about behind our backs.

“We would also like to say the school is blameless in this incident.

“Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank the police, the paramedics, the air ambulance crew and especially staff at Little Thurrock Primary for the way they dealt with the situation. They all worked superbly initially and – where possible – have provided support to us since.”


  1. I’m glad that the boy has fully recovered as is back to normal, and thankful for his parents for their comments.

    However, it shouldn’t have been down to the parents to have said anything at all; the school or the council should have issued a statement nearer the time explaining the situation. As I understand it, the school referred all enquiries to the council and the council simply said, “no comment”.

    When an incident happens in a school that requires the air ambulance landing in the grounds and a police presence for the rest of the day, people are going to notice. And people, being curious, are going to want to know what happened, and if all they get is a “no comment”, they are going to start speculating. And that’s how rumours start.

    In this day and age, especially with the likes of Facebook and Twitter, word gets around, very quickly. If you think you can hush things up with “Move along, nothing to see here”, you are very much out of touch.

    While it isn’t necessary to give a graphic detailed account of the incident, a simple factual statement from the school or council, instead of the perceived attempt to ‘hush things up’ would have gone a long way to dispel rumours.

    Hopefully, both the school and council will learn something from this.


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