Thursday, October 6, 2022

Council leader Kent erupts at “liar” inference from Tories

THE LATEST missive from the Thurrock Tory group is wrong and inaccurate in so many ways, it is difficult to list them all,” says Leader of the Council John Kent.

“The 17 properties mentioned in the release are, first, not secret, and second, not a disposal list.

“Cllr Anderson first saw the 17 in June last year when he attended a meeting about the council’s assets.

“Three weeks ago the list was published — it was in the papers.

(The list included Grays magistrates court, 169 Usk Road, Aveley, the former primary scholl at Jack Lobley as short term considerations and Thurrock Carers Centre as medium term considerations.)

“Cllr Anderson asked again and was provided with the list and then he tries to go the Freedom of Information route. Why? He already has the list.

“When he asked for the ‘disposal list’ I told him there wasn’t one. There isn’t. The list of 17 properties is simply indicative of what we could do, might do, or might not do.

“There are thousands of properties on the overall list. It includes every single property the council owns and obviously it would be impractical to write reports using the full list.”

He added: “I have made it clear we won’t do anything without consulting local people and in his heart, Cllr Anderson knows this to be true “

Cllr Kent said: “The Tory group is getting ever more desperate, I just wonder how scared they are of May’s election result.”


  1. Wow this really is becoming a battle ground of politics in Thurrock with both the “big” parties looking to score that all important goal, at the moment I jsut don’t know who to believe in TBC anymore, I am sure that between now and May we will see both Labour and Tory trying to outdo each other with more political spin, looks like we are in for a bumpy ride

  2. Isn’t this the same group who told us all that Grays Beach and the Thameside Theatre had been SOLD just before the last elections?

    It is a sad fact that you cannot believe a word that this administration utters.

  3. Honestly it is absolutely absurd that at this point we still do not know what the conservatives policies are. Labour has launched their manifesto but we have no information for Thurrock tories. The problem is that the tory group is fragmented, and seem to rely on the negative politics of moaning or lying about issues. I dont think they recognise that local residents want to hear about real issues and challenge not media politics. unfortunately for the tories Cllr Kent is right that most of these tories and some good examples are Cllr Redsell, Cllr Revell, Cllr Maney and Cllr Gledhil are the masters of spin. It is very sad, very unfortunate, and i am tired of the negative politics that people like Cllr Revell, Cllr Gledhill and other tories promote. They are so removed from reality that there is now no chance that Thurrock tories will get into power in May. Cllr Kent is right to be outraged at the ‘liar; tories. A personal message to all tories please stop lying about issues.

  4. Lambo is right, its no good throwing accusations back and forth. At the end of the day the people of Thurrock will decide if they want change or if they want more of the same.

  5. One way to settle this argument would be to produce the full minutes of the Council Meeting of 17th June and a copy of the document containing the 17 properties to be made fully public along with any consultation papers regarding the properties, get it all in the public eye and let us be the judge of who is trying to hoodwink the electorate.

  6. Tricia, you suddenly have your sensible head on!! However perhaps you could enlighten me as to what the labour manifesto is, because as a resident of Ockendon I have not seen it yet. I like yourself look forward to seeing the conservative manifesto also, as both would be a first. I have resided in Thurrock for many years and can never remenber an actual “Thurrock manifesto” from either party.
    I must pull you up on “lying about issues” though as Cllr Kent and his buddies did it in abundance last term and therefore the people of Thurrrock are suspicious of them doing it again.

  7. Agree with chickenfeed1, I also live in Ockendon and I don’t recall seeing any manifesto literature during the last elections. Ironically, the only politician I saw on the streets last time was Cllr Kiely, who has since become invisible. As for the lying, they all do it; so to pick out one party over another is disingenuous.


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