Thursday, October 6, 2022

Triumph for “The Dark Knight” of Tamarisk Road

MR JOHN NOON of Tamarisk Road is a proud man and he has every right to be. Last year, he decided that he wanted to become a street rep in Ockendon and put something back into the community.

By his own admission, he has not always seen eye to eye with authority but that is the past.

Today, the people of Rosemary Close have a security gate that closes off the back of the houses and is a major step in the battle against anti-social behaviour or to give it its real name, crime.

YT interviewed a very proud Mr Noon, who also paid tribute to cllr Amanda Arnold, police constable Leigh Munden and both Nicola Dean and Kerry O’Prey from the council.

Mr Noon’s next project is the bridge at Tamarisk Road. Who knows after that?


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