Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Tories “outraged” at cover-up over secret buildings

THURROCK Conservatives are ‘outraged’ after being given a copy of Labour’s secret list of 17 council buildings which are shortlisted for sale – only to be told that it cannot be revealed to the public because the information is ‘too sensitive’.

Conservative leader Cllr Phil Anderson said: “When I asked for this information 3 weeks ago at a cabinet meeting, I was told to my face by Cllr. John Kent that ‘no such list exists’. That statement has now been exposed as blatantly untrue. I have a copy of the list in my possession, and as expected it details the exact identity and location of the 17 properties that are to be considered for sale. It is vital that local people should be given a say on Labour’s plans, but I have been told by officials that this list is ‘sensitive’ and ‘accessible to internal Council audiences only’.

Labour have clearly forgotten who they are supposed to be serving. Local people should be the first to know about their plans, not the last. I don’t believe in ‘leaks’, but I have asked for the information to be released under the Freedom of Information Act and I don’t see how they can possibly refuse. Any member of the public is entitled to do the same, and if you want to know whether your library, village hall, housing office, or leisure facility is on the list, I would urge you to write to Thurrock Council and request a copy under the terms of The Freedom of Information Act”.


  1. Why is Mr Anderson surprised to find out the comrade is a liar. Even more surprising, why did he assume that the Labour party are interested in the publics views. that would be a first.

  2. No wonder that the majority of the electorate don’t bother to vote.
    People need to beable to trust their local councilors and polititians, but after all the stories we hear in the media… chance!
    Perhaps we need a clean sweep and start with a brand new Thurrock Council!

  3. Can we have a verbatim copy of the response to Cllr Anderson from Cllr Kent that he made at the Cabinet meeting three weeks ago? Then we can see if he really claimed that no such list existed. Strangely Appendix A (that lists the replies to questions from residents and councillors) does not appear to be with the online minutes on Thurrock Councils website for that particular Cabinet meeting.

  4. Ed that is an interesting point. I would have to agree.. could Your Thurrock publish a verbatim copy of the response to Cllr Anderson from Cllr Kent? This might help determine who is lying. I think most of us will be watching to see if Your Thurrock and help sort this out.

  5. If as the comrade states the list was available all the time, why did they deny any knowledge of it 3 weeks ago and why does it need to be kept secret from the public. If it’s so widely available and nothing to get excited about publish the list in the media.

  6. I agree Upthreads. Cllr Kent should give a copy of the list to all the local media outlets for us all to see. If he is not planning on selling any buildings off straight after May then he should have nothing to worry about and it would put an end to this argument.

    However something tells me that Mr Kent thinks Thurrock folk are fools and its for our own good that we dont see the list.

  7. This story stinks. Or at least, Cllr Anderson’s position does. I can understand why he would be outraged about a ‘secret’ list of buildings for sale but what I can’t understand is why he should urge the people of Thurrock to put in a Freedom of Information request to get hold of it when he has, in his own words “a copy of the list in my possession.” If he has the list why can’t he save us all the trouble and publish it himself? Or at the very least leak it to a media outlet (maybe unethical but it goes on all the time). It’s just more childish posturing from Cllr Anderson I’m afraid.


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