Saturday, October 1, 2022

Bulphan WI-March report

By Janet McCheyne

WIs all over the country are campaigning for local library services to be value for money, but also meet local needs. Bulphan WI convened a meeting for all those living in Orsett, Horndon-on-the-Hill and Bulphan to meet with those responsible for making our vision for libraries in Thurrock a reality. As well as stressing our support for the excellent mobile library service, we were given the opportunity to comment on the potential for rebuilt or refurbished existing library buildings to also house other services which that particular community needs (which could include medical, police, advice and/or voluntary services). We look forward to further consultation as plans are rolled out.

We welcomed 7 visitors to our March meeting, and settled back to listen to a gentleman in a grey frock coat with a gold crest embroidered on the breast pocket. The motto under it read “Omni omnibus “ which of course means All things to all people and is the slogan of Harrods.

Richard Furnivale-Jones gave us a really interesting history of Harrod’s and his experiences of a lifetime career in the store. He stressed that although there are extremely pricey goods for sale there, inexpensive items are also available. He was thanked by our own retail expert, Rosemary.

Pat Cross gave a concise report of the recent County meeting and we were reminded of details of outings to Orsett’s Spring Group Meeting, a tour of the New Holland tractor Plant, Tropical Wings, Beth Chatto’s garden and Hullbridge.

Our birthday party next month has a “Merrie England” theme – we will be entertained by the Mayflower Morris men, who will then give us a chance to join in with them!


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