Saturday, October 1, 2022

Hipsey anger over Squibb: “Tory localism policies are a sham”

A LEADING Thurrock Councillor has slammed the decision of the government planning inspector to overturn Thurrock Council’s action to stop Squibb Demolition operating into the night.

Cllr Terry Hipsey, Ward Councillor for Stanford West and Chair of the council’s Planning Committee said;

“There have been many residents of Wharf Rd, Stanford that have complained to me about the number of huge trucks carrying demolition equipment thundering through Wharf Rd, putting resident vehicles, property and pedestrians at risk. All we wanted to do was help those people get some peace.

“I am shocked at the Inspectors decision. He even said, and I quote, “The Council’s enforcement notice was a first. There was nothing illegal or wrong in it and the appellant’s legal team along with the inspectorate found nothing wrong with the approach.”

“In spite of this – and the unanimous decision of the Planning Committee to take action to try and give some respite to local residents – the inspector decided to take no notice whatsoever of the very real concerns of local residents and has, instead, found in favour of a company who have no regard for my residents or their health and wellbeing.

“This decision exposes the Conservative’s “localism “agenda as a total sham. I say, sincerely, that if this is “localism” and looking after the average man and woman on the street, claiming to listen to their views, then god help us all.

We are now beginning to see, very clearly, that “localism” is nothing more than a cheap political stunt designed to hoodwink people by making promises about greater local powers over planning issues. Only to find these promises stand for nothing”.


  1. Cllr Hipsey you do not have a sincere bone in your body, please leave us all alone and retire to Norfolk

  2. Chicken feed 
    I always read your posts with such disbelief,you seem to think no one knows that you have different aliases. You are one of the typical  Nasty Tories you like to dish it out but you really can’t take it yourself. Only a few weeks ago there was a barrage of abuse against your Thurrock because it had allowed a comment about the looks of a Tory ?
    I have no objections with people making some times spiteful comments,unfortunately as we learn as children that happens.whats the saying ” sticks & stones” 
    Yet your comments border on a near hate campaign, what a vile person you must actually be.
    You must be one of those people who sits clued to the computure just waiting for a story to pop up. If as I suspect you are infact a cllr then for the good of the borough go do some work.

  3. Looks like Mr Hipsey has come out of hiding…….Two stories in as many weeks Is there an election coming up? If you usually vote Labour I wouldnt vote for him rumour has it he’s crossing back to Conservatives when they get back in power.

  4. As the enforcement notice was a first for the inspectorate they have to go through the due process to ensure that this is completley legal, if they had left the notice in place whilst they conducted their review and then deemed it as an unfair trading practice or indeed a illegal notice then TBC would possibly be taken to court by Squibb.

    Mr Hipsey should know the due process of these things and to speak out as he has before the fact is just crazy

  5. It is not the inspectors job to take any notice of the wishes and concerns of the local residents and Cllrs. It is his job to make decisions based on law. That is all he can do. Therefore, I suggest that, in law, he had no option other than to allow Squibb to continue. However, I am also sure that this is not the end of the matter and that the Council can make another attempt to shut Squibb down as long as they can find the right legal basis to do so. It probably isn’t a final as Mr Hipsey would have it sound.

  6. Sallyb dont tell my husband that you know about my aliases!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    However on a more serious note, I dont think I have made any remarks about Mr Hipseys looks, just the fact that he is not sincere. Unlike you I am not a councillor and would not like to move in your circles, as very few of you appear to be sincere.So may I suggest that you follow your own advice and go do some work.

  7. Oh dear Chicken feed
    As you can see I did go and do some work,hence it has taken a few hours to come back to your comment.
    However I do not hold the position of councillor neither do I work for either of the MP’s .
    I just like to see open debate, not as I’ve said hate campaigns.
    I would be saying the same if it were regarding a Tory,even though I have not & never will vote for any of them.

  8. The amount of SLEAZE and losing councillors from their party this Thurrock Tory lot have gone through the last year or so and all they can do is moan moan and moan. This man seems to be trying to speak up for people who elected him yet jealously and hatred seem to have taken over the Thurrock Tory mindset and will show people exactly what they actually stand for. I think another blogger has asked where the Tory policies are or what they are going to do for Thurrock. I think the old saying couldn’t run a bath comes to mind let alone run a council eh Tories ?.

  9. Colin Barnes! Cllr Hipsey does NOT speak for the people who elected him as he was elected as a conservative, but now represents labour, which was my exact point in my first post” he does not have a sincere bone in his bosy”
    Sallyb- no mention of how he looks just stating facts.

  10. Oh dear chickenfeed so now we all know that Thurrock Tories only represent Tory voters and the rest of us can get on with it. What a political attitude. Totally disgusting in fact.

  11. colin barnes! It doesnt change the fact that he is not sincere, which is still, and was my only point


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