Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Police and Thurrock Council anger as Tories put them on front of election manifesto

ESSEX POLICE and Thurrock Council have expressed their anger at being put on the front page of the Thurrock Conservative Group manifesto for 2012.

At the launch of the Thurrock Conservatives 2012 election campaign at the High House in Purfleet, Thurrock councillors as well as MPs Jackie Doyle Price and Stephen Metcalfe proudly clutched the manifesto.

They had sent an electronic copy to several media outlets ahead of the launch.

But controversially, on the front page, there is a photograph of Thurrock Council officers along with Essex police officers and Tory councillors.

But the officers had not given their consent and were concerned that it may give the impression that they endorsed a number of controversial Conservative polices including cutting police numbers in Thurrock.

Essex Police were also less than impressed. Laura Anderson, spokesperson for Essex Police, said: “The picture was used without the consent or knowledge of Essex Police or the officer and PCSOs in the picture, and the picture was taken at a community engagement event from several years ago, therefore the Essex Police personnel did not knowingly pose for a picture to be used as part of a party manifesto, so it should not be taken as an endorsement of the political party manifesto.

“Police Regulations Act of 2003 state that police officers cannot do anything to undermine or that could be perceived to undermine the political impartiality of the police service.”

Thurrock Council advised the Conservatives. Later that evening (Monday), Tory leader, councillor Phil Anderson announced that the amended version was now on his personal website.


  1. Considering todays news that Eric Pickles has stuck two fingers up at Stanford-le-Hope residents and agreed that hundreds of new homes can be built on a vaste swathe of green belt in Stanford I think I have found a fairy tales in Thurrock Conservatives manifesto.

    Can they seriously look Stanford residents in the eye and claim:-

    “We will protect Thurrock’s greenbelt from speculative development.”


    “In line with our Government’s ‘localism’ agenda, we will give more decision making power directly to local communities and their ward councillors.”

    Eric Pickles decision today just shows what a pile of steaming sh*t these Conservative elections pledges are.

  2. Divide and conquer comes to mind. The fewer councillors about, the stronger other tories become?. The experienced brains behind the Tory elections may have a different agenda than their own candidates want ?, happy days.

  3. This is not the first time the tories have done this, back in 1992 Thurrock Tory MP Tim Janman got into trouble putting photos of himself meeting thurrock folk without asking!!! The funny thing is that I found a picture of my father with our current Tory MP, JDP, on a local tory publication – the funny thing is that no one asked my father for his permission!!!

  4. Oh dear, looks like a bit of a screw up by the Tory Party, lest see what the Labour party can now do to cause embarasment, oh hold on they have done that on several occasions 🙂 and so the political points coring begins, roll on May when the electorate have their voice, based on both parties so far I dont think either would stand a chance and from the experiences so far neither seem capable of running a bath never mind a council……

  5. Dave, this decision is a direct result of that bloody unaccountable Development Corporation. If the local council had as much say then as it does now the Tories have scrapped the DC, there would be no development in Butts lane.

  6. Rule of thumb, if people pose for a photo at a event, it will get used. It may be by the media, community groups, and in this case a political party. Maybe if the police don’t like it, they should stop their officers posing for photos while on duty and in uniform. They could be even more pedantic and issue a approved list of people and organisation that they can pose for, and make the photographers sign a form agreeing it would only be used within given rules.

    On another note, I noticed a launch by the Labour Party, but no manifesto, what are their policies?

  7. Ben – the Conservative Secretary of State, defender of the green belt and champion of localism, Eric Pickles MP had the power to reject this planning application – he didn’t.

  8. Correct, and he damn well should have done. But the only reason it got to the Sec of State in the first place is because the DC wanted to push it through. In direct response to Dave’s first comment, if we had the localism we believe in, this never would have happened – hence the policy, which almost by definition Dave must support?

  9. The posts here have strayed off from the original article. Yet again Thurrock Tories have compromised council officers by using them in their election manifesto. They have aleady lost the support of our local police by our Tory MP voting in favour of the police cuts and then the local Tories all agreeing at the council meeting just last week that the cuts are ok n they agree with them. They are so desperate to take control in May. How could this bunch look an officer in the eye.

  10. Sorry Ben
    You can do all you want to try and defend the Tories,yet it is coming to the point that no body is listening.
    It was your SECETARY OF STATE that made the decision, it was YOUR MP that asked for it to be called in and it was YOUR PARTY ( Tories ) who had offices on this site defend all you can,but please remember that the electriate are not that stupid.

  11. Because Sting they only care about the Elite,not the good Men & Women of Thurrock ?
    It’s a plane case of I’m ok Jack.
    They will do what ever it takes to try and win in May .

  12. Having it on The leader of the Tories website is not good enough. An apology for MISTAKE and an assurance that none of these make them in a Thurrock residents letterbox is the only way to put right this political blunder.

    You get the feel that things have not been going well for the Tories . I
    Was sitting wondering tonight whether lord n lady revell could afford to pay to dine with Mr Cameron – and then I thought they ain’t that rich in the big scheme of politics.

  13. Not a good week for Tory press releases as Francis Maude is asked to resign over fuel panic buying. Using Jerry Cans in Garages has resulted in several accidents in past. (Jam Jars are also been used via SKY- madness ). Lady who was injured decanting in Kitchen suffered 40% burns. Worrying that there is no backup for emergency services. There is NO strike action planned and ACAS talks on Monday. As per local issue. Photos should be withdrawn. Police and Council officers must not be drawn into Party Political propaganda.


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