Monday, September 26, 2022

Caroline Flint joins Labour on election trail

SHADOW Climate minister, Caroline Flint MP joined candidate Polly Billington and several Labour councillors on the campaign trail in South Ockendon.

Ms Flint visited a reading group near to Benyon primary school as part of a whistlestop tour of the borough.

YT spent a few minutes with MS Flint to discuss a whole host of subjects including the “Granny Tax”. education, climate change, the mayorial election and how these issues could effect Thurrock.


  1. They could send the whole Labour shadow cabinet but it will not change the fact that their councillor has failed the people of Ockendon.

  2. Now if they had sent Mr Livingstone I am sure that young Aaron would have made an appearence, if he ever gets elected as a local councillor again it will be a laughing stock

  3. chickenfeed1,to answer your question Cllr Kiey was not in attendance. If he had been I am sure he would have made the most of the opportunity and got himself in the picture. I have been present at a number of campaigns for the Ockenden Labour candidate and Cllr Kiely has not been present at any of them. Cllr Kiely has got what he wanted and is not the least prepared to put himself out to help his colleague. The Labour Group will not discipline him for fear of losing their tenuous hold on power and of course the detrimental effect this issue could have for their candidate in the May Council election. No doubt I will be accused by the local Labour Party of causing them damage by criticising Cllr Kiely and giving the Tories ammunition with which to blast them. I do not believe the Tories need my help on that score, Cllr Kiely is doing an excellent job himself.

  4. Well said Peter! If Labour fails to take Ockendon it will be down to Cllr Kiely, he’s like gold dust to the Tories!

  5. Having read the article again, can someone tell me where the “reading group near to Benyon School ” is? as I have listened to the interview and it isnt mentioned, so just wondered why the school was chosen as the focal point, probably a question best answered by the interviewer Mr Casey

  6. And also what were the leaflets being handed out by labour persons whilst on the school premises?

  7. I wonder if Eric Pickles will be popping down to Stanford-le-Hope like he has done in the past to support the Conservative candidates? Perhaps he could knock on a few doors around the golf course and explain his reasons for allowing 350 homes to be built on the greenbelt?


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