Wednesday, September 28, 2022

People’s Pledge ask: Why are Jackie and Polly ignoring us?

THE PEOPLE’S PLEDGE are heading towards their polls in confident mood.

According to the organisers: 9,200 people in Thurrock have now signed the People’s Pledge. That’s 100 times the majority of local MP, Jackie Doyle-Price.

Polls close for the local referendum in Thurrock at 5pm this Thursday, 5 April 2012.

Signs are encouraging for a good turnout although that will not be known until about 5.15pm on Thursday. In the meantime, 9,200 Thurrock electors having signed the People’s Pledge is an astounding achievement for the campaign.

Ian McKenzie, Communications Director of the People’s Pledge, said:

So far, both Thurrock’s Conservative MP, Jackie Doyle-Price, and her Labour opponent, Polly Billington, have studiously ignored the People’s Pledge. I suspect that each of them is far too good a politician to ignore the 9,200 Thurrock electors so far who support a referendum on the European Union.”

A year ago, the Thurrock MP was handing out election leaflets in Aveley which said “Say No to the European Union”. Jackie Doyle Price is unavailable for comment.

Prospective parliamentary candidate for Labour, Polly Billington said: “I am busy with what matters to Thurrock people, right here, right now. We are fighting for jobs and growth.”


  1. I suspect that they both don’t dare to break the party line.
    They value their carrears too much!

  2. Well perhaps they see Peoples Pledge as it really is, that is a bunch of anti European Union bods trying to con people into believing that their campaign is some sort of official poll.

  3. I agree in part with Growler, the People Pledge is a bit of a damp squb as even if everyone voted for the referendon on the back of their petitions would any government really take any notice??

    Europe has its place and we do need them as a strong trade partners but we should eb able to opt out of the amount of bureaucratic leadership and their completley crazy laws.

  4. If the present government do ignore a referendum on the EU, they definately won’t be returned in the next general election!
    I will put money on it!

  5. I’m with you Lambo and Growler. IMO, the World needs to be looking at uniting, not fracturing into smaller units if we’re ever going to progress as a civilisation.

    The days are long gone when “England” (and it may just be us, if the other secessionists have their way) can expect to maintain it’s pre-eminence in the World.

    Here’s a solution to unemployment. Create the biggest civil engineering project ever and fill in the English Channel to rid us of that “every Englishman and his castle” feeling. Time to grow up and join the the other kids in the playground. IMO of course.

  6. Tell the chineses and americans that bigglewiggley and the indians. A pathetic argument that was tried just before the second world war


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