Monday, September 26, 2022

Please sponsor me for the Brighton Marathon!

By Michael Casey

I would like to report that training has been going well. I would love to report that. Unfortunately, this 50-year-old has realised that 26 miles and 385 yards is a very long way.

I ran three marathons in 1981 and 1982 inc the first London but vowed only to do it at a significant time!

The trouble is that I get to ten miles and my legs are like those horses that run the first lap of the Grand National and then twigging that there is another lap, tell the jockey: “Oh I don’t think so!” and unseat him and go back to the stables!

But a promise is a promise and one way or another, I will get round.

I have been rattling the tin which has been attached to my man-bag as I go from job to job at work.

But as a back-up I have just set up a justgiving page. Go to

So please, please, please give whatever you can.

Thank you



  1. Enjoy the day Michael,I have run two Londons,take your time take on plenty of water.Jjust finishing is a fantastic achievement,I managed 20 miles feeling reasonably comfortable the last 6 I hit “the wall” but got there in the end!!

  2. I I think it’s brilliant that you are running this marathon for St Luke hospice I wish you all the best of luck you are an inspiration. To so many people you will succeed because it’s mind over matter  


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