Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Lib Dems’ Claire: ” A breath of fresh air in Little Thurrock”

LIB DEM candidate Claire Jones is standing for council for the third time. Four years ago and nine months pregnant she stood in East Tilbury. Last year, Claire stood in Stifford Clays. This time Claire is standing in Little Thurrock Blackshots.

Raised and residing in two parts of the ward, Claire, an events manager by day, has organised and orchestrated a highly professional campaign, addressing the issues that concern the residents and voters.

Claire has been highly praised by the campaigners against housing development on the Woodview campus.

Claire’s campaign literature is also modern and fresh with the issues clearly identifiable: issues such as scrambler bikes, buses, the sports hub and Blackshots library.

YT spoke to Claire on the Blackshots fields to discuss the issues as well as establish what Claire would define as success.

Claire Jones
Liberal Democrats

Eileen O’Reilly

Joycelyn Redsell

Raj Mistry
UK Independence Party



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