Friday, October 7, 2022

“All pain, no gain” Labour slams Tories as double-dip recession hits borough

FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE the 1970’s Thurrock and the rest of the country has succumbed to a double-dip recession.

An area in which Thurrock is heavily dependent saw a slump. First quarter construction output was down by 3%, the biggest drop since the first quarter of 2009, and compared with a drop of 0.2% in the last quarter of 2011.

Prospective parliamentary candidate (PPC), Polly Billington said: “In the last few weeks up to 60 people employed by Thermalite were told they could lose their jobs in West Thurrock as the factory closes.

Those people and their families are directly feeling the consequences of the government’s decisions.

“Today it’s been confirmed that the Tory-led government has plunged the country back into recession. They have no plan for jobs or for growth so life is going to get even tougher for families here in Thurrock.

For the last two years the Government have ignored every warning from every quarter about the risks of cutting too far and too fast. They are failing to get the economy moving, failing to cut the deficit and failing the people of Thurrock.

“The longer this out of touch and incompetent Government sticks with these failed policies, the more damage will be done.”

Baroness Smith of Basildon also condemned the Tories.

The Baroness said: “We were saying on the doorstep two years ago: “Don’t risk the recession” We were saying it yesterday as we see people suffering because of the economic policies of the chancellor.

“He set about cutting too fast, too deeply and the double-dip recession is the result.

“The consequence of these national policies is that local government, such as Thurrock Council will face great difficulty in providing services for its residents.


  1. Unfortunately douple dip is evidence indeed that you cannot cut your way to prosperity. Busy news day with Murdoch and posh boy Jeremy Hunt MP sacking his servant means “a good day for Govt to bury bad news on the economy!”

  2. Glad to see Eds mate Polly and Baroness Smith jumping on unfortunate news straight away. I am sure both are suffering immensely from the recession…NOT!

    Yet again we see two Labour party members completely forgetting that it was Mr Brown who allowed Britain to function beyond its means for a number of years so inevitably no matter who came into power in 2010, cuts would have to be made. Labours trotting out of “too far too fast” is a complete nonsense statement. It has already been stated several times that if the coalition failed to cut as quickly as they did back in 2010 we would have been a bankrupt nation who may have had to go cup in hand to the IMF. Labour would have been more than happy to do this (considering their policy of borrowing more to get us out of recession) as they did in the late 1970s. Polly and her ilk play on the fact that the average Thurrock resident does not necessarily follow the financial goings on of our country and therefore try to con people into believing that there is another way. When it comes to the economy I do not think a political party who over the last 40 years have left government leaving a legacy of recession has any right to be criticising economic policy of another party.

    On the plus side, people like jmw will always vote Labour as they seem not to mind Labour leaving the country without a pot…

  3. It would be interesting to see how Labour would have dealt with the enormous debt that the contry was already in before the coalition took charge, woudl they have followed the Brown example of borrowing to get us out of trouble or would they have made almost the same cuts as the coalition have had to do?

    Having watched sevearl interviews with Milliband he does not seem to have a clue and skirts round the issues by saying he cannot state what he would do until the election, unfortunatley he comes across as a very weak leader and would be totally out of his depth running the country, lets not forget that Labour used to be a strong party that used to stand up for the working class, now they are seen to be the party of the non-working class asthey plough more tax payers money into benefits that do nothing to help getting people back into to work.

    I personally believe that the double dip would have happened no matter who would have taken power in 2012, the county has been running on debt for years which became unsustainable duing the last years of the Labour administration, yes the financial crisis was a global crisis but Brown knew about this prior to it hitting home and could have put in austerity measures prior to the main financial crisis hitting us but he decided to turn a blind eye (no pun intended) and continued to borrow his way out of debt.

    Unfortunatley politics is all about the blame game and each party will try and discredit the the other but they should all be working together to get the country on an even keel.

  4. Really well said Lambo.
    I would rather Ed Milliband and Ed Balls sit down with Cameron and Osbourne and come up with ideas together which will see return to growth for the UK rather than sitting there criticising everything they do.

    Brown is a very clever man and could have placed measures on the UK to try and buffer us as much from the financial crisis but instead his government spent right up until the day they left office.

    What respect I did have for Labour before 2010 was quickly lost since their new party line is oppose everything, deny everything. Polly, Smith and their party really do believe the people of Thurrock are stupid. As this website often shows….this is certainly not the case. Until Labour come up with sound, coherant economic policies very few will believe they could have done anything differently.

  5. Why don’t the Labour party tell us what they would do then. Why don’t Labour party supporters tell us where they are going to borrow the money from to create the growth they say will re[pair the crap they created. Perhaps they should ask the IMF or the world bank or the OECD what they think of Labour’s chances of borrowing their way out of the s**t they put us in. Go and ask the credit ratings agencies what they think of Labour’s plans. We won’t need to wait long to find out what the socialist growth plans will do to an economy if the good old lefties take over in France. Why do you think we have just had to give thye IMF another £10 billion. The Germans are apoplectic at the thought of the socialists taking over in France. This will be a game changer. The socialists will do what the Germans tell them or the Germans will change their governmment. Won’t that be ineteresting. The lefties just can’t get the fact that their ideas don’t work. Take a look at the marxist and communist governemnts that are left in the world. Before you say China, how is China developing it’s wealth. Labour and socialism is a busted flush and people that support them clearly have no faith in their own abilities to be able to support themselves.

  6. Thank you Bernard87, but I don’t always vote Labour. Although coming from a very Conservative Party household in the North Grays area, I tend to vote for the candidate who seems more truful and trustworthy rather than the party.

  7. Politicians can always be relied upon to make a complete shambles out of a mess and yet it is to politicians we look to put things right! It’s all a bit mad isn’t it? The Labour Party left Government with the country on the very brink of financial ruin and the coalition did well to calm things down and stave off the total collapse that would have seen us running to the IMF. The trouble is, they didn’t really have much of a plan to get the economy growing again. I think they were hoping something would just ‘turn up’. I don’t think Labour would have done anything any differently. If they had got back in I believe they would have run a cuts programme very similar to the Coalition and would also be groping around for an engine for growth.

    One thing that I don’t think any of the Party’s bargained on was the dire situation in Europe. Any growth that might have taken hold disappeared the moment it was realised the the EU is in meltdown (in my view, terminal). Business and consumer confidence throughout Europe collapsed and that has been felt in a big way here in Britain. Labour continue to ignore this aspect to the current recessionary period and thus make themselves appear silly. Ed Milliband has yet, after all his time in opposition, to come up with any concrete alternatives to the policies the Coalition are running. Until he does, he and his Party faithfull need to just shut up.

  8. Jmw I made that conclusion as most of your comments seems to support the Labour ‘position’ on many articles on YT.

    If you’re looking for truthful or trustworthy I would say that the red gang can’t be high up on that list, especially in Thurrock. But I like the fact that you see beyond party politics.

    Needless to say I agree with Gray64.

  9. Oh dear another Labour sheep that can’t think for themselves so has to use party slogans. Pathetic as usual.


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