Ormiston’s south coast visit puts students on the map

WHEN 19 GCSE Geographers left Ormiston Park Academy for the South Coast, in order to complete fieldwork for their Geography GCSE Controlled assessment, they didn’t realise quite how much work was involved. The six-day tour of the south-coast of England ended up being the geography field trip to end all field trips. Not only did the pupils, from OPA have to conduct full-scale beach reports of Lulworth cove in Swanage, they actually had to measure long shore drifts.

Geography teacher at Ormiston Park Academy, Greg Master-Jewitt, said: “We were standing on a beach looking at coastal geography 10 kilometres away whilst managing three other reports simultaneously- the students were phenomenal.”

“Back at Harrow House, where the students and teacher stayed, the reports taken of the wind and wave directions were compared against experts in the field, to measure how accurate their recording was. It turned out, 5 students were as accurate as 3 experts who had been in the game for ten years- they were seriously impressed.”

The scenery at Lulworth cove was spectacular and the pupils were stunned with the beauty and splendour of the natural environment that they were visiting and studying. Many pupils were inspired and their attitude towards Geography had thrived. Each pupil developed their knowledge and understanding of coastal fronts, in which they experienced through structured enquiry and investigation. They developed a global perspective and fostered a concern for the environment in which they lived. Additionally they developed geographical skills through practical, enquiry based learning through a topical and relevant curriculum.

After the success and range of skills gained from this trip, Ormiston Park Academy have placed it firmly in their yearly diary.

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