Monday, September 26, 2022

UKIP outraged over fall-out from Fox and Goose demolition

Bulldozed to the ground and much to the annoyance of local residents. This once familiar 200yr old public house is no more.

“Left in its wake is a building site, a shoddy uneven pavement and to cap it all a belisha beacon stuck in the middle of the footpath” says UKIP candidate for West Thurrock and South Stifford Peter Smith.

Peter continued: “Having been alerted to the difficulties experienced by a resident with a motorised scooter and another young mum with a pushchair I was surprised safer provision had not been put in place. Large metal sheeting has also been seen flapping about.

UKIP Thurrock immediately contacted the highways dept and are awaiting their response.

Peter said: “As part of our manifesto pledge a UKIP Council would NOT have allowed the demolition of this building to go ahead without a PROPER consultation with a fair and democratic
outcome for residents.


  1. Because what West Thurrock really needs is a boarded up abandoned pub that the owner can’t develop. Yet another populist line from a party with no chance of winning.

  2. Although this is very sad news,perhaps what Mr Gasby would rather have is his own government going against public opinion, with its just build, build,build mind set. Just ask the people of east tilbury & Stanford.

  3. Not quite right Sally. I just don’t agree with the idea that a demolition of private property can’t go ahead without a democratic mandate. It’s a great soundbite but absolutely nonsense in practise. Whatever next – vote on your neighbour’s extension?

  4. Ben only in Thurrock can someone come along and pull down a building that was built in the 1780s or 1790s. In most other borough’s a 220+ year old buildings have some sort of listing as other borough’s are proud of their heritage.

    With an ever growing population in West Thurrock and with a bit of imagination the property could have become decent pub/restraunt. But it is now too lat to speculate what could have been as the owner or his developer freinds have come along and knocked it down before anyone could object.

    No doubt you will be happy with a Tesco Express or another block of flats and the entire borough looking like a carbon copy of Chafford Hundred.

  5. Ed – I don’t think you’re understanding the point. You honestly think a failing pub with no hope of recovery should be debated upon? It is common sense to knock it down – it portrays a bad image and most likely attracts vandalism. It is also private property, and unfortunately, a pub isn’t exactly “heritage”. Everything has to come down at some point.

    Chafford Hundred is a thriving community, why not try to emulate it?

  6. Ed, you raise some interesting points. I am sad to see the building go, it was a nice little pub which I visited every few months or so. I would not object to a little shop/tesco express (the nearest place to pop and buy a pint of milk is a fair walk away). I would not have minded a restaurant either, though I am not sure there’s too much market for it with a selection of takeaways nearby and a wide range of restaurants 5 minutes drive away at Lakeside.

    The point I am trying to make is that UKIP have fired off a perfectly nice sounding press release trying to capitalise on people’s upset at losing the building, but unfortunately the policy is bonkers.

    Do we need a consultation before a privately owned building is demolished? Does a “democratic outcome” mean that the building shouldn’t be demolished without some form of local vote on it? Do UKIP think we should do that for all building demolitions/developments, and if so how much will all these referenda cost? Is it legal to deny the owner of a building the right to do anything with it without “democratic” approval?

    Like I say, bonkers.

  7. Sad that a number of buildings in Grays could not have been bulldozed with such speed – no property deal ready signed ? Hope Section 106 Order Community money in place. Replace Pub with a 24 hour offy maybe?


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