Monday, September 26, 2022

Ward by ward: Stanford-le-Hipsey?

SOMETIME over the last few years, putting “Vote…” posters in front windows fell out of fashion. Take a drive around the shops of Stanford-le-Hope and you will see dozens of “Vote Hipsey” posters. The posters seem to be making a comeback.

Many believe that May 3rd 2012 will be a chance for the Stanford West voters to tell the former Conservative leader of how unhappy they were for cllr Hipsey to defect to Labour. They may be right. However, many believe that cllr Hipsey has always been a very effective local councillor as well as a very well known Stanford man.

Many have also witnessed the amount of campaigning that Team Terry has been doing. Judging by our interview with cllr Hipsey he is addressing the concerns of the local small businesses.

Out on the streets, he is addressing a number of other issues that are also of concern throughout the borough. Crime is certainly one of them as Stanford-le-Hope seems to be a regular location for a wide variety of crimes.

We could be wrong but what we may see in Stanford West is that the winner was the best campaigner. It could be that Terry polled 802 and 718 votes in 2004 and 2008 respectively and may well poll as many again.

Having said all that, Independent candidate, Terry Piccolo also garners a lot of popular support. He spearheaded the campaign in Butts Lane (Residents against Inappropriate Development) and has been at the heart of the Stanford Community Forum.

Tory candidate, Eddie Hardiman is on the comeback trail. He stood down last year in the wake of the Winegate story. Although he may well have worked hard on the doorstep, he may well find himself caught in the wake of the popularity of the two Terry’s.

YT prediction: Labour hold: Maj 100

Chris Greenaway
Liberal Democrats

Eddie Hardiman

Stuart St.Clair-Haslam
UK Independence Party

Terry Hipsey

Terry Piccolo


  1. I don’t care what political group cllr Hipsey is for I know he is for the residents my aunt is severely disabled I tried to meet with housing officers on many times to discuss my aunts situation, I wrote a letter to Cllr Hipsey and he was sympathetic to my aunts needs He is a good man so the best of luck Cllr Hipsey he also helped out with the play ground for the local children,And all the best to Eddie Hardiman as well I know he has had problems in the past but hopefully people may give him a second chance BUT BEST OF LUCK CLLR HIPSEY

  2. I have nothing but admiration for the way that Cllr Terry Hipsey has run his campaign, this has not been a fair weather campaign but it has not stopped Terry from getting out on the doors. He has proved his metal and dedications to the Labour Party and the residents that he represents and it is this that he should be judged on when the polls open on Thursday morning.

    Terry has had a huge amount of support on the door steps from fellow councillors and local residents who he has supported in his time as councillor. The former’ Concerned Conservative’ mayor of Thurrock Anne Cheale as well as a few other former Thurrock Tories are standing by his side and supporting his campaign for re election. This tells its own story of the state of the Thurrock Conservative Party.

    I have watched very closely from the sidelines and Terry is a popular councillor in the chamber and has made his mark chairing the Planning committee. He does not speak for the sake of it but is not aftraid to hold council officers and the Tories to account when he has something to say.

    There is much reported bad blood between Terry Piccollo and Thurrock Conservatives, Terry Piccollo had put his hat in the ring and been interviewed for selection only to be told that he was being over looked for the former disgraced Deputy Mayor of Thurrock that is Eddie Hardiman.
    This may well see the Thurrock Tory vote split between the Independant Tory and the refuse to lay down and die Tory .

    Terry Hipsey to win.

  3. So conservative a really running Two councillors it looks like sour grapes that’s why Mr Terry. Piccolo went indi all the Best for councillor Hipsey


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