Tuesday, September 27, 2022

UKIP candidates campaigning all the way to Thursday.

IN CASE you did not know: there are local elections on Thursday. For UKIP, this has been a promising campaign where they have really put in the hard yards to address local issues across the borough.

Naturally, they have been accused in the past of being too euro-focussed. But this year, they have been addressing a huge amount of local issues, from anti-social behaviour in the Homesteads, parking in Grays and jobs in Stanford and Corringham.

UKIP’s candidate in Aveley, Robert Ray has been seen as a regular attender at the full meetings of the Thurrock Council. Robert has not been that impressed.

We caught up with Robert to see how he would serve as a councillor.


  1. No sign of the UKIP candidate in Belhus. Along with all the other Belhus candidates, including Sue Gray the Labour candidate, they have all been conspicious by their absence. It seems that Belhus Ward is considered not worth fighting for and as a consequence the Labour candidate will be given a “walkover”. Given the record of the incumbent Councillor, Sue Gray, over the past 4 years this does not bode well for the people of Belhus.

  2. Have UKIP put together a manifesto of what they will be looking to achieve in Thurrock, all their policies so far seem to be aimed at National level.


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