Saturday, October 1, 2022

Ward by Ward: Tilbury St Chads:

IN our interview with sitting councillor, Lynn Worrall, she proudly affirms: “I am Tilbury”. That may sound a bit ‘Ich bin ein Berliner” but we think everyone will know what Lynn means.

Lynn is incredibly proud of Tilbury and her interview with us, wanted to make sure that we did not “bang on” about the socio-economic problems in the ward.

Having said that, it has to be stressed that there are still a great deal of challenges in the ward, many more intense than any other ward. Indeed, in many ways, there are challenges such as debt, domestic violence and unemployment.

But Tilbury is a proud place. Proud of its history and its place in the world. A strong community forum, a strong heritage project through the Tilbury and Chadwell memories. Just stand on the terrace of Chadfields or even hear someone’s tribute to a person who has passed away: ‘He was proper Tilbs”.

The key asset for the ward is the success of the Gateway Academy and its growth in the Gateway Learning Partnership. The building at the bottom of the Marshfoot Road is and will be the home to future prosperity and achievement of Tilbury and beyond.

Cllr Worrall has worked very hard over the past four years. Many other Labour councillors could do well to learn from Lynn. In May 2008, she was cautious and lacked confidence. Four years later, her role as a portfolio holder for the communities is an essential cog in the ruling Labour wheel.

Ela Vine
Liberal Democrats

Ian Bruce Holloway

Lynn Worrall

Mick Griffin
National Front


  1. Getting bored now with the amount of Labour coverage on the site now, come on Cons step up and be counted so that YT can give an unbiased view of ALL the candidates, the site is becoming very one sided (oh and NO I am not a TORY)


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