Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Thurrock shoppers help feed the hungry

Thurrock foodbank has had two more very successful supermarket collections in recent weeks. Shoppers at Sainsbury’s in Chafford Hundred donated 1.2 tonnes of food on Saturday 21st April and on the following Saturday foodbank volunteers collected just over 1 tonne from shoppers at the Tesco Extra store in the Lakeside Retail Park.

Emma Biddle, food donations coordinator for Thurrock foodbank, said: “We would like to thank all the shoppers at Sainsbury’s and Tesco who donated food to us. Both were great days and we collected a huge amount of food for local people in crisis.”

Thurrock foodbank project manager, Victoria Windus, says: “The Trussell Trust, the central charity which establishes foodbanks across the country, has just released its end-of-year statistics and many of the shoppers we spoke to at Sainsbury’s and Tesco had seen the press coverage of this.

“There are now over 200 foodbanks either open or, like us at Thurrock foodbank, under development in the UK. Last year, foodbanks fed 128,697 people in crisis, including over 45,000 children. It is an amazing success story and we are looking forward to seeing Thurrock foodbank open soon so that no-one need go hungry in this borough.”

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  1. Agree jmw118. The last time we had a food bank in Thurrock was during the miners strike That foodbank received great support from local people then also. It was shame on thatcher for starving the miners, it is shame on Cameron’s tories now for doing likewise to the many hard pressed families in Thurrock. I am told that once the rent or mortgage and soaring energy bills are paid, many hard pressed Thurrock families have little for basic food items!

  2. We had all this before from the tory party when Thatcher was in control, she said greed was good, so we had the biggest boom and bust policy this country as seen, and the same is now happening, instead of boom and bust, its just bust and dispair, when all the average family as left after paying all the bills etc, isa mere pitance, this is because the government is bringing out policies quicker, than they can be acted apon,they have allowed the wolves to take there share of profits, and let everything else sink in the mire, I have seen people in london queueing to search the trash bins outside supermarkets, and begging on streets for money, not just for drugs but for food, I think now that the labour party runs the TBC, they should set up a non profit making company to supply hard pressed families with food and clothes, which can be donated by either comapnies in the TBC area or by ordinary people who can afford to give in these lean times.

  3. I am struggling now, it looks like I will have to rummage through rubbish bins at night to see if I can feed myself for the next week.


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