Monday, September 26, 2022

Candidate Kerin thanks all his supporters.

Dear Editor,

I feel privileged to have been afforded the opportunity to have run as the Labour Party candidate for Ockendon.

Whilst on the campaign trail, I have been humbled by the many times people have invited me into their homes to share their concerns and discuss the issues.

I am grateful to the 809 people who voted for me – I feel honoured that you put your trust in me and my party. For the people that didn’t vote for me, I am glad that you exercised your democratic right to vote.

I would rather people voted against me than not vote at all. The turnout of 29.95% is a cause for all people, regardless of political affiliation, to ponder and reflect on.

I wish to publicly congratulate Councillor Johnson and wish him well during his term of office. He is decent and honourable man who has my full respect.

I am appreciative of the kind words of consolation that he, councillor Carr and Amanda Arnold offered me on Thursday night/Friday morning.

To finish, I must give a heartfelt thank you to my wife, Natalie, for putting up with me during the campaign. Her patience is a virtue that I hope is inherited by our son!

Martin Kerin


  1. Congratulations on a good campaign by all acclounts. I wish you better luck next time. Sorry I could not help because of family issues.


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