Thursday, September 29, 2022

Improvements to begin on Junction 30 on M25

THE government has announced that improvements to the M25-A13 junction 30 will begin after 2015.

Roads minister Mike Penning made the announcement on Tuesday (8 May) morning including the junction among six other road schemes, saying “development work” will start.

The statement explained: “By developing these now, proposals will be in a good position to be considered for delivery in the early years of the next spending review period (post 2015).”

Leader of Thurrock Council, Cllr John Kent responded on Tuesday by saying: “While welcoming the fact the government has announced this to be a priority, I am deeply disappointed we still do not have a specific date for this work to actually start, sometime in or after 2016 it would seem.

“This means it will be at least another four years before we see a start to physical work on the ground, let alone less congestion.

“While it is good news that the government is going to carry out ‘development work’, that alone is scheduled to take three years and this council has been calling for it for longer than that already.

“Everyone who knows Thurrock — and that must include Mr Penning as a former Parliamentary candidate here as well as a fireman — also knows this work needs to be carried out now.

“The development work should have been completed and the construction started. Doing that at the same time as the motorway widening would have made perfect sense.

“This means it is critical the council and its partners keep up the pressure on the government and lobby together to ensure improvements to Junction 30 are top of the list and first for action when the time eventually comes.”

Cllr Kent added: “The government has also spend months talking about whether a new crossing is needed and about delaying free-flow tolls at the Dartford Crossing.

“My fear is that if these schemes are constantly delayed it will have an adverse impact on our regeneration plans for the borough.

“We are in a recession now, surely this is the perfect time to invest in the infrastructure that’s needed to free-up the entrepreneurial potential in Thurrock.

“Thousands of new jobs and billions of pounds will be pouring into our borough. What we need is 100 per cent government recognition of our needs and 100 per cent government support.”


  1. Why didn’t Kent and his Labour cronies plan this when they planned to flood Thurrock with immigrants 10 years ago. They must have known what was going to happen. Typical hypocricy from Labour. The Tories aren’t allowed to blame Labour for the recession, the £700 billion they borrowed in the last 8 years of their government, but they can blame the Tories for the mess they made of Thurrock. Get back in your pram Kent.

  2. What is te point of improving the M25 at Jct 30 when the majority of the congestion is caused by the tolls, get rid of these and the traffic will flow more freely, less congestion = less polution

    And before Cllr Kent gets back on his high horse about all the noise he has made in trying to get these stopped lets not forget that it was his party that was in charge for many years and did absolutley nothing about them.

  3. DP World’s Thamesgateway super-port will start operating in early Spring 2014 and it will get busier and busier pouring many tens of thosands of HGV movements onto the A13 and heading towards the M25.

    Both the previous Labour Government and the current Coalition Government are guilty of dragging their heels and allowing this vital work to get delayed yet further.

    Both Governments know that work on the super port was progressing rapidly, after all enough PMs, MPs etc have visited the site for photo oppurtunities and both Governments knew DP World plan to have it operational in early 2014. As DP World build more and more berths and get more customers using the port the roads will get busier and busier.

    The common sense approach would be to start work now and schedule the work to finish just before the new port becomes operational. Instead the numpties in charge are going to schedule work just as many tens of thousands of lorries are going to be using this junction making it even busier.

    We should also remember that Lakeside are due to start construction work in the future to expand the whole site so this junction will be an even bigger traffic jam in the not too distant future.

  4. One thing that Cllr Kent has forgot to mention, which is something that all Labour members seem to forget to mention is the government simply does not have the money to roll out works to the junction or a number of other public funded schemes as much as we would like them. Maybe Cllr Kent would rather the government borrow some extra cash???

    I’m with Lambo here – removing the tolls would solve a great deal of problems and improve air quality.

  5. I am with everybody else, remove the tolls and the main reason for the congestion goes away.

  6. I agree with Lambo and Ed but let us not forget the new railway lines that are, to be built by Balfour Beatty rail, they were boasting the other day that, there could be a train movement every fifteen minutes with twenty three tanker flat wagons trains, one can only hope that, they will allow for the C2C trains, and the railway lines are, only one up and one down lines, so its going to be bedlam, on the railways as well, I think we should move as much as possible by freight trains, this will ease the traffic flow though, our all ready congested area, successive governments have ripped off the motorist, be it car or lorry with the QE2 bridge and tunnels, they have made empty promises, that after we have built this or that we will lift the tolls, I dont think they even believe the lies they put out, or in truckers talk BullS##t, John Kent as always been a limp piece of lettace, along with his fellow cronies, but they are all the same, they only tell what they want us to know, so its no use asking for common sense from either the labour or tory parties.


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