Saturday, July 13, 2024

Nigerian delegation praises democracy in Thurrock

A LARGE delegation from Lagos, Nigeria attended the election count at the Civic Hall on Thursday May 3rd.

Headed by Mr Bulus Derang, the group paid close attention to the whole democratic process from the opening of the polling stations in the early morning, to the return of the candidates, late into the night.

YT caught up with Mr Derang and the delegation to see what their impression of the democratic process was.


  1. Cllr Anderson said: “I am delighted to have Cllr Gledhill as deputy leader. We have worked closely together this year, so I know we will make a strong and effective team.”
    The party also announced it will continue in opposition after deciding not to force through a vote on control of the council.
    Cllr Anderson added: “Thurrock Council remains tightly balanced,
    Sounds to me he is completely off his rocker it didn’t look like anybody else was after the job
    Of leader, only nutters need apply we have all ready got one who cannot talk to yourthurrock ask MC if he can sad sad sad

  2. albert- What on earthe are you talking about the picture I see on my screen is that of Mr Derang from Nigeria, it quite clearly is NOT Phill Anderson? The air in Norfolk must be getting to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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