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Double hike for Dartford tolls

The Leader of Thurrock Council has responded to the government’s announcement on the outcome of its Thames crossing tolls consultation.

Speaking on Tuesday (22 May), Cllr John Kent said: “I think the government has missed a trick. I’m obviously disappointed the tolls are going up — twice — but there is no help for local or national business here either.”

He said: “I have to say thank-you for the government’s promise to maintain the local ‘discount’ at the same rate, but again our suggestion that local businesses should be included seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

“They are looking at possibly extending the geographic area for the discount and I can understand the logic in that, but in these difficult economic times, this was a perfect opportunity to give businesses a boost too … a trick missed.

“We lobbied for local businesses to be included but sadly without success.”

Cllr Kent said: “However I cannot welcome the news there will be a 66 per cent increase in the tolls for cars — up one third to £2 this autumn and then to £2.50 in 2014.

“Nor can I welcome the fact that free-flow charging will not be introduced until October 2014. That’s two-and-a-half years away, and it’s something we need today.

“It is also really disappointing the tolls for goods vehicles are rising by similar percentages, unfortunately it seems the crossing is seen as a cash-cow bringing in the money, not a business opportunity, freeing up commerce.”


  1. I am not suprised as it appears that the leader of Thnurrock Council is, we go through this, same old sham every time the toll goes up, with have lived with these excuses since the first tunnel was opened, they told us the toll would disapear when the QE2 bridge was opened, then when the second tunnel had been built and opened, the tolls would come off, when are we all going to realise that, the whole bridge and tunnels are CASH COWS, for what ever government is in at the time, the latest excuse for dropping the tolls is, the cost of setting up the new, Free-Flow charging scheme, then they would at dropping the tolls, No we were told but they would look at extending the area for the discount, How can they justify the cost per car and lorry, they let motorbikes go through free of charge, the Motorway stops just before the Bridge on the A13 Junc 30 and on the Kent side at Junc 2, then a small A road was put in between, because by the law they cant charge a toll on a English motorway, unless it is a private motorway like the M6, the M4 toll is in Wales and the A90/M9 is in Scotland, I feel it is time to stop telling the motoring public the truth, which is there is going to be no end to the tolls on the QE2 Dartford crossing, now or ever, as for private haulage companies in the Thurrock area and Kent, they will have to continue to pay the higher tolls, as they will be getting more work from the Super Port at Coryton and Tilbury by 1914, but dont forget they wont be building the new super junction 30 until 2016?!, what does that tell you about how there minds work, I think it is bad enough, to sit behind a Polish or Spanish lorry driver who is arguing about the toll charges, or when at 6.30pm they suddenly close at least 8 toll lanes for no reason what ever, making everything go through just the middle toll lanes, which causes traffic to back upto the A2 or beyond, we have all put up with misery since the bloody tolls were introduced, and the coming years it can only get worse, so grow up Mr.J.Kent, when your party was in power government, they did they same things, so theres nothing new there then, the only answer is to retire to another country, or give up driving.

  2. lets face facts here, The Dartford Crossing Tolls will never be reduced no matter what government is in power as this must rake in millions for the the coffers, Motorists in this country have been and will continue to be taxed to the hilt as we are easy targets, people have to rely on their own vehicles as Public Transport is either not effective or more expensive than driving.

    People go on about vehicles being one of the biggest sources of polution and therefore should pay the costs, however. big businesses that continue to polute the environment are left alone. Electric vehicles are pointless when you concider how we generate our electricity in the UK with the burning of fossil fuels thus creating further polutions from the carbon that is being burnt.

    back to the topic, I agree in part with Cllr Kents calls for local businesses to be given the discounts as this would help the local economy; however, what you may then find is more and more HGV firms moving En Masse to Thurrock / Dartford to take advantage of the discounts which would mean even more congestions on our local roads.

    What ever happened to the plan to place a further crossing along the water??

  3. Sadly little relief from Govt re Dartford Crossing. Two other crossings planned – Gravesend / Tilbury and possible Canvey / Pitsea. Funds – French /German and more lifetime tolls. Licence to fleece motorists for ever!

  4. The best way to sort out the Dartford Crossing is for lorry drivers to block the crossing two weeks before the games I bet That would be sorted out and get the gov moving


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