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Head “set to quit “Grays School and Media Arts College

YT understands that the head of Grays School and Media Arts College, Lynn Ibeji is set to quit the school.

Mrs Ibeji has been away from her post at the Hathaway Road school for a number of weeks now.

In that time, there has a large number of meetings involving staff, governors and council officers to attempt to keep the school running smoothly during a vital time in the school year.

Mrs Ibeji came to the school in 2008 after it fell into special measures under head Graham Winter. Mrs Ibeji got the school out of special measures and saw exam results improve. Unfortunately, the results palled in comparison with other schools such as Ormiston Park Academy and the Gateway Academy.

A number of staff were made redundant this year.

Thurrock Council failed to respond to a number of questions we submitted.


  1. ‘Anything is hard to find, if you will not open your eyes’! Alas Mrs Ibeji apparently wore blinkers and failed to see (or swept under the carpet) what staff, parents and pupils viewed firsthand every day!

  2. I hope as a parent of a pupil that the rumours are true. This woman whilst speaking the right words, never chose to follow them up with action’s. She was unapproachable, and had no directives or guidance for staff, parents or pupils. She virtually sat on her throne and expected everyone else around her work on her behalf. Had the powers that be left the previous deputy head in control, the school would be well on its way to a much higher level of teaching and results than it is now. Mr Ryder had the respect of everyone. He was excellent at teaching, gaining pupils respect and could communicate with parents and other members of staff. I hope those people responsible for not showing faith in him when others around him did feel very guilty!

  3. Alas ‘Hammerette’ the qualities you saw in My Rider appear to be no longer valued in a Headteacher! Sadly in today’s school’s it’s solely about ‘qualifications’ and not even ‘education’…and there’s a huge difference!

    The aim of the National Curriculum (although very few know) is to create Successful Learners, Confident Individuals and Resposible Individuals! it’s shamefuI I don’t see many of these pupils walking down Hathaway Road!

  4. Totally agree with Hammerette! Bring back Mr Ryder, the pupils, staff and parents all had respect for him.

    Its typical of the powers that be to let bloody good teachers go and leave the wimpy ones who can’t control classes, and don’t even teach the correct levels to the pupils.

    Money is thrown at the other secondary schools around thurrock but Grays seems to be left on the scrap heap.

    It would be a bloody good school if it was led correctly! Mr Ryder wherever you are please come back!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Mrs ibeji shouldn’t of had the chance to leave, she shouldn’t of even been hired to start with. no student&not many parents had respect for her. i dont think she gave any of us kids a chance, it seemed like she would do certern things just to make us fale as i was permantly excluded from the grays school just as i got into year 10 as i was starting my options. the way she made us feel was like she was trying to get rid of all the kids with behavior problems, so she could have a nice little school fild with good kids!!! glade for my mates & yougers that shes gone the stupid b*tch!!!….. Georgia wood.


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