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To me….to you…….Tories begin new season in fine style

LAST NIGHT, the Thurrock Courts Players were busy at their dress rehearsal for their latest production: an Alan Ayckbourn farce. They should have popped round the corner to the council chamber where they could have picked up a few tips from the Thurrock Tories in their latest performance in the council chamber.

In front of a packed house, Tory leader, cllr Phil Anderson expressed his disappointment that Labour had not given them the chair of any of the committees.

YT understands that the Labour leader was prepared to offer chairs of some committees until the leader indicated that the group may be tabling a vote of no confidence in the Labour leader.

To make a point, the Conservative whip, cllr Mark Coxshall told the chief executive, Graham Farrant that they would be asking for a requisition vote on all ten committees. A process that may have taken well over an hour.

An air of farce descended over the chamber as the first vote went on. As the second vote began, South Chafford councillor, Tunde Ojetola stood up, went against the whip, and with an audible sigh of relief from the chamber, asked if the next nine committees could be taken as one.

It was agreed, the meeting was closed and the Tories went back to their wards and prepared for government.

Thurrock Courts Players are on for three nights, starting tonight (Thursday). Full details on the banner on our front page.


  1. Watch out for another Tory bargain basement sale. yes everything must go including once loyal supporters to their cause and to be replaced by new and cheap brainwashed stock.

  2. So the in-fighting has started already, blimey that didnt take long looks like YT could be in for quite a few stories in the up and coming months, none of the inter-party battles will help the local communities.

    So when is this vote of no confidence due to take place???

  3. Mike I would of thought Cllr Anderson would of put Joy redsell the Youtube queen back on planning being has she hasn’t done anything wrong.

  4. Rocket1 – If you didn’t have your personal comments, how many provoking, intelligent or responsive comments would you have, if any?

  5. Apologies for not having been clear. What I am saying is all you seem to make are personal comments, or become a prominent part of the ‘attack team’ with other YT members, and say nothing provoking, intelligent or responsive.

  6. thanks for making yourself clear Abbie,i do make a few silly comments i suppose,don’t you think he looks a bit waxen?.

  7. And that’s fair enough, however, some of the things you write on here may be hurtful to those they are directed towards.

    Hadn’t really noticed myself! I’ve never actually seen a Thunderbirds puppet…

  8. Do I assume that your username reflects the fact you are a big Thunderbirds fan, and you think Scott is FAB? 😉

  9. Thanks hot press! I love politics; I love the debate, but these personal comments/attacks are here for everybody to see, so not only are they unkind and irrelevant, they are somewhat humiliating. But I’m not just pointing the finger at Rocket.

    I think the public should know what’s going on, if they are interested, but at the same time, I don’t think it’s wise to blurt out details to the press with everything that happens. Unlike Labour, at least when the Tories say something, it’s productive and beneficial, not a good old bash at their opponents for the sake of it.

  10. i’m only having a bit of fun,i like pulling ben gatsburys leg,you should not take things too serious,its not meant as a personal insult.

  11. As I said, I wasn’t just referring to you. I just think that lately personal attacks have risen above the politics, and quite a few people are responsible for this. I apologise if I’ve taken your leg-pulling out of context (hi there really weird sentence).

  12. Hot press would you kindly enlighten me further ?. What has councillor Anderson and redsell got to do with YouTube ?.

  13. I truly find it quite extraordinary that when any one dares to comment on a Tory on this site, we see either Abby Blogger or Ben Gadsby on here defending and say oh please don’t get personal.
    Yet it is quite ok for the same two to run down and be personal to others.

  14. Dear abbie
    I totally agree with you when bloggers write things on sites that are hurtful,malicious and in some cases untrue. So I suggest to you abbie and your fellow local tories that you have a very good look at the view from one tree hill website and then feel thoroughly ashamed of yourself and your fellow Tories who I’m quite sure you know. So before you start spouting about how disgusting some people are on this site I’d really like your comments and perhaps u can ask some of your friends about some of there comments made On the view from one tree hill if were all being truthful abbie!

  15. Rain Mack – I definitely don’t want my opinion stopping people from criticising anyone, even if they are criticising the Tories, and I think you know that to be true. I am unable to recall a time I ever said something personal on here. Yes, I criticise the actions of politicians, particularly Labour Cllrs, but never would I say Cllr who-har looks like this, reminds me of this, is a this, that and the other etc, and I think you know that to be true as well. I don’t think you can deny some of the things written on here in recent weeks aren’t professional or relevant at all, and it is not just Ben Gadsby and I addressing this issue.

    Georgy – Sorry, I must admit I’m not a great follower of The View from One Tree Hill so I can’t reply to you properly in that respect. I have had a brief look and can’t really find any comments, but I will of course have a proper look later. However, I am talking about YT. I can’t see why I am currently looking like the girl in the wrong when I’ve been making comments trying to defend people, whoever they are. Whether Tory, Labour, Lib Dem etc, no one deserved to get personally attacked in a professional and public environment. I can’t speak for TVFOTH, but I’m glad you agree with my points in regards to YT.

  16. Abbie
    I thank you for admitting that you do tend to have a pop shot at every given opportunity at the labour party councillors.
    Although it seems that I tend to defend only this party, im in fact not fussed who runs the council only that they do it for the benefit of are correct when you say it has got personal over the past few weeks, however that could be due to the fact that it’s seen as tick for tack! Ben tends to write some pretty near the mark comments on here as do quite a few others. However they don’t like the same treatment back.As you said your self a few weeks ago,IF YOU CAN’T TAKE THE HEAT GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN? I’m sorry but if people dish it out they shouldnt be surprised to have it come back ,sort of the boomerang affect.

  17. Rain Mack – I wouldn’t go as far as to say that, I just believe in the criticism where criticism is due concept. But that’s to be expected – I am a very proud Tory! But as I said, I wouldn’t compare one of them to a Thunderbird (mostly because up until about three hours ago, I thought a Thunderbird was a war plane) so there is a definite difference. When I do ‘have a pop shot’ as you say, I would be more than happy to justify my criticism, just so everyone knows I’m not doing it for the sake of bashing the opposition.

    As I have said, there is a difference between criticism and personal attacks. When people are getting attacked for trying to defend people (I believe I once defended John Kent when he was being ridiculously personally attacked for his eyebrows, yes, you read that right, his EYEBROWS), what do you expect?

  18. Dear Abbie re-Joy you tube Redsell I have just checked the you tube footage the date of the footage is the 13th April 2012 . I am sure Phil Anderson and Co relise the same has me he as had adequate time and opportunity to make a comment or take action. This is why Abbie you would definitely make a good Tory councillor ask them a question and they come out with anything but the answer . Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story  As for your babble about not wanting things put out in the press what complete  and utter crap it’s all right when you want to get something out and over. But when your asked a direct question along with  you and your colleagues , you don’t think certain things should be in the press. So when somebody like Joy Redsell is sitting down with a property developer in he’s house a week before she sat on he’s application and passed it . That is exactly the kind of thing that should be in the press Abbie, if you don’t think it should be in the press then please make A comment. 

  19. Abbie
    I’m of an age that I remember thunder birds,and it could’ve looked at in two ways,there is a lot of people ( again my age group ) that hold thunder birds in quite high regard. I don’t see it as been an unkind attack. Especially when you read some of the scathing attacks on here.

  20. hot press – I said that if the public were interested, they should be informed, just not about everything that happens. If you really want to know, email the council and ask your questions there. I didn’t say I didn’t want things out in the press, otherwise I would be out of work!

    Ooh, wouldn’t mind being a Tory councillor 😀

  21. Sally B – I can’t really say too much about it, as I’m not really sure of their popularity/symbolism but I don’t think saying someone’s appearance resembles that of a plastic (?) puppet is a positive thing. Until such a day when Thunderbird puppets are running the council, I think they should be left out of our conversations.

  22. Abbie I have already phoned the council and emailed them over four weeks ago. Guess what still waiting for the councils response Phoned Phil Anderson he assured me if some one put a complaint in he would look in to it Still waiting have you got any more bright ideas Abbie. As far as I am concerned Abbie Thurrock council and Thurrock Tories think they are a law unto themselves and  thats why  when this corruption is left to go on they are fair game to everybody 

  23. Abbie
    Unfortunately to you will always have people running others down, It’s a sad fact.
    It does seem to be a case of mainly anti labour bloggers on here. I have never looked at cllr Kenya eye brows & find it unbelievable for him to be ridiculed for them, yet knowing cllr Kent he wouldn’t take it to heart,just probly think part of the course . It’s when you get some of the down right nasty comments on here you have to wonder why?

  24. Sally B – I agree with you, and as much as it isn’t ideal, I would rather have them run me down as oppose to the hardworking councillors/candidates or victimised YT users.

  25. As you can read the story below this is the kind of comments you get on one tree hill from your tory friends.This woman was removed from the Tory party after 50 years of being a Tory and she was a great champion of children with disabilities and this is the lies this Tory based website put out to the people of Thurrock.They couldn’t admit that they with drew the whip on her and then insulted Ian Harris for he’s views.In short, anybody who doesn’t agree with the Tories is fair game.  If your having trouble finding any further detrimental comments from one tree hill I will gladly post them on YT for you. 

    As services are planned in Thurrock and Yarmouth to remember the former borough mayoress Daphne Hart, One Tree Hill pays homage to someone dedicated to the cause of the Conservative movement for a generation.

    One Tree Hill understands that she was a pivot in the various local constituency parties since the 1950’s and was clearly a Conservative worker appreciated across the board.

    A stalwart in raising funds for the handicapped and opening an array of charity shops across the borough, the former magistrate went onto become a guiding force within the Conservative Women’s Committee and from what we have gathered, a long term driver behind the 100-year old Conservative Grays Ladies grouping. She was a Conservative councillor for Corringham & Fobbing from 1979 to 1983 and was awarded a life-long service achievement by the Prime Minister David Cameron in 2009.

    In her passing we have a time to positively reflect on her achievements and her life and salute her contribution to Thurrock public life and to her charities.

    It is just such a pity that the anonymous and unscrupulous comments allowed on a certain blog-site have sullied the memory of her contribution.

    Bringing party politics into death is a very nasty game to play, especially when categorically lying that a woman was about to be expelled by the local associations on her deathbed. To use the word disgusting would be an understatement.

    Daphne Hart was a Conservative for all her years, a member of the Party until the end and will be fondly remembered as such by all.

  26. rocket1, I am pretty certain that your last comments could certainly be levelled at a lot of the local parties, personally I would not trust a Labour politician as far as I could throw them but hey that is what politics is all about, personal opinions.

  27. I agree that all these personal attacks on how someone looks (Cllrs Anderson and Coxshall) should stop, we should be talking about what people say and do, not on how they look, or if they are wearing a tie! It seems that comment on thurrock politics has dipped to an all time low – you just need to take a look at “The View from One Tree Hill” to realise that – I am no fan of the likes of Cllrs Hipsey, Kiely or even Rice, but they things said about them are very low.

  28. I have just spen the last hour looking at the veiw from one tree hill ,the site some people on here are referring to.
    Who ever is writing for this despicable site would be hung drawn and quarterd. If they should turn out to be a councillor I would for one be very shocked,and beloved they should be thrown out. What utter scum this person must be

  29. I notice that one tree hill hasn’t commented since the 10th of may. This is very curios they peddle their horrible remarks all year , the local Tories loose total control of the council and then mysteriously all the story’s and proper gander taper off. This suggests to me the people who’s funding the site have now lost interest . It’s very curios as well to describe it as a blog site when you can not actually Blog on it. I think if you’ve got anything to say the author aught to have the guts to put he’s name to it because after all if your making a comment on a supposed blog site and you want to be treated seriously you should have the back bone and identify yourself. These obvious cowardly people behind this site which is quiet obviously sponsored by local tories and these are the people the very same people that wanted the people of Thurrock to vote for them. You can’t be that ugly on the inside without being ugly on the outside! So in a nutshell I think the site the view from one tree hill completely back fired, and showed people the real inside thinking from some of the Tory members at Thurrock. The people who write that site should Come forward and explain why but you know and I know they haven’t got the back bone and as I’ve said before the Tories that know the identity of the people who write this should be thoroughly ashamed of there-self. But there is one thing I’m glad about it gives you a perfect insight into Thurrock Tories and I think they should all be tarred with the same brush.   

  30. Tarring people with the same brush in politics is like charging fifty random people for a murder when only one person is responsible.

    Now all shh and watch the dancing grannies on Eurovision 😉

  31. I think that sums you up Abbie lets not talk about TVFOTH and the Torys of Thurrock let’s watch the dancing grannies on Eurovision and only comment on the things you what to and as for tarring people. As I said on my previous comment if the Tories that are not involved in this site would of come forward, then yeah I take back my comment. But you know and I know Abbie there are Tory  members in Thurrock  who do know the authors of this site and if they don’t come forward the only option you have got is to treat them all with the same contempt that includes you. Because if you can not see the hurt the maliciousness and the mental torture that this site inflicts on people you deserve to be lumped in with them. Now go and watch your dancing what an exciting life you lead, Saturday night and your siting in watching Eurovision how very Tory! 

  32. Hot Press – That was actually a humorous comment, you see. What more would you like to discuss? I can see the hurt comments cause – I have been defending many people in the past months, so put your brush away.

    I do lead a very boring life, getting an education, as well as holding down two jobs does make Abbie a very dull girl. So yes, I will watch my dancing Grannies to my heart’s content on my night off! And they’re not just dancing – they’re singing too!

  33. Let’s hope it does not make you a Gull girl in response to a majority of the above comments. I think anybody in the public eye is fair game and lets people unload their anger on members of the council because quiet simply the complaints procedure might as well be non existence. I’ll give you an example you put a standards complaint in about a member you rarely get a response back from the council even they are suppose to respond in ten days which they rarely do it then goes to a sub assessment and when you finally get down to the end of the line its other members who are deciding the fate of another member. Bit like the police looking into the police, don’t you think? So I think Abbie out of sheer frustration the commenter’s and bloggers on this site tend to let people have it, due to the complaints procedure being very un-effective and stilted on their behalf. A prime example of this Abbie is the recent joy redsell saga. Not knowing the full facts but it seems to me it warranted a comment from Cllr Anderson and from Thurrock council. Another clear example is when Cllr redsell insisted on a public investigation into herself and low and behold the Council decided to have a very non public investigation into her which reeked. When are the people who run Thurrock council going to get it into their heads they are paid by the residents of Thurrock and have got a duty to them and are accountable to the residents. Instead of the likes of G. FARRANT doing everything he can to show the members in some kind of good light. It clearly doesn’t work for the simple fact people aren’t stupid. Everybody including him remembering his Westminster days and he’s short lived days at Norwich council should remember that fact. So to recap Abbie it quiet obviously gets you know where going through the council’s procedure. So this is why I think people take matters into their own hands , Re- YouTube and do take pot shots at members because what other re course is there. When things are stacked so one sided.

  34. This thread is really very interesting. Why is it that many of the posts making personal or vindictive comments about councillors come mainly from the left of politics whilst the more reasoned posts come from the right? Why have people from the left dragged in an un-related website to somehow try and justify their attacks on Tory Cllrs? I have had a look at that site and, whilst it is indeed very right wing and does seem to have a lot of inside knowledge, it doesn’t mean it’s Tory sponsored or Tory authored. Why is it that, so often on YT, people on the left go completely off story to make attacks on the Tories that are unrelated to the article? And lastly, When will Hot Press give it a rest about Cllr Redsell, we’ve heard it already and, guess what, she got elected again!

  35. Grey 64, so what are you laughingly trying to tell me that the one tree hill website is written by labour members. You can not be serious, and as for some of the stories being a bit near the bone. They are malicious and disgusting something which you quiet clearly missed from your comments. Itis more than obvious that the authors of this site are Tory members. At least even you grey, put your name Greg 64 to your comments. Why on earth would you make a blog site in which you can not blog on to that says it all. 

  36. Gray64, you just need to read what TVFOTH put out on the eve of polling, there were so many facts that it must of come from someone at the heart of the Thurrock Tories! So please don’t try to spin this as nastiness from the left, please check my previous comments on YT – I agreed with Cllr Anderson that the tories should of been running the council, that is what up till this year, the people of Thurrock had voted for! And that if Labour fails to win Ockendon ward it will be down to the actions of Cllr Kiely – so I am not someone who is always attacking the tories.

  37. I read a lot of political blogs from across the spectrum and some of them, quite a few in fact, are pretty near the knuckle when it comes to attacking Politicians. However, by no means are all of them written by politicians and that is what I am trying to say. Because TVFOTH is clearly right wing and clearly has inside knowledge it doesn’t mean it is written by a Tory. You can’t say it is unless you know it is and, in this instance, you don’t. I do not support the views of TVFOTH but I think it is useful because it can show people how not to do things. Sites like that are very smug and think they are doing a lot of good for their cause. In fact it does serious damage. Lurid gossip and point scoring cheapens the political and democratic process and detracts from the real arguments of the day. Most of all it fails to allow for the fact that the politicians it carps on about are people. People who, by and large, are trying to do what they think is best for their communities. Yes they make mistakes and yes they are sometimes completely out of order but at least they are out there doing something. People writing attack blogs are hiding away and doing nothing and are, therefore, contemptible.

  38. Dear Grey if it is alright with Michael I though it would be nice to have a Quiz
    How many times a week do you think a grandmother visits her Daughter and grandchildren .once,twice,three times a week. Let’s go for the minimum amount just to be fair. once a week in this case The Gull Lighthouse Picture was hanging in her daughters house under the stairs in her living room, For Two years in full view and why did her daughter post it on Facebook for everyone to see if she thought it was Stolen
    And know to the Quiz, Remembering that Joy Redsell Must have given one if these answers to the police, Which the CPS based their decision on  
    Was it (A) Mandy that’s a stolen picture from Thurrock Council Offices ,let’s inform the police right now 
    Or do you think it was (B) Mandy who stole that photograph and how did it get here 
    Or do you think it was (c) Mandy that picture was stolen from Thurrock councils offices you should return it straight away and explain to Thurrocks legal department how it came in to your possession 
    Or do you think it was (D) Say absolutely nothink and allow her Daughter to face the consequences 

    Now Remember Joy Redsell is obsessed with the Gull Lighthouse project and also in the council Picture that got stolen of the Gull lighthouse her late Husbands boat is in front of the Gull Lighthouse, Furthermore she thought to have the Gull Lighthouse mask erected  at Thurrock yacht club So when she had sight of the gull lighthouse picture in her daughters house she would have surely remarked on it. furthermore ask her daughter how it came in her possession 
    so don’t forget vote A,B,C,D Regular bloggers and commenters 

  39. Hot Press, you have outdone yourself! So, the answer to this story couldn’t possibly be that, seeing as Mrs Redsell had a keen interest in the Gull and that her late husband’s boat also happens to feature in the picture of it, Cllr Hipsey thought it might be a nice gesture to hand it over to her as a thanks for all the work she put in on the project? could it? It couldn’t be that her daughter didn’t give it a thought when it appeared on Facebook because it wasn’t stolen? It couldn’t possibly be the case that Mrs Redsell wasn’t charged with theft because there wasn’t any evidence of it could it?

    Hot press, you really need to move on. You clearly detest the woman but you are going to have to find something else to hang on her because this is a non story.

  40. Grey 64 & Hot press, I know how to sort this. Just ask Terry Hipsey. I’m sure mike knows Terry hipsey and can get a comment off him regarding your thoughts. As for a non story I don’t think its going away Grey, do you?

  41. michael casey-, why have youy let this farce continue? Close to 60 comments and very few have anything to do with your original piece.You even stated that you were closing it down earlier, but it is still here, why?

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