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Aaron’s back! and he is super sub!

FLICKING through the new list of council committees, we noticed that errant South Ockendon councillor, Aaron Kiely was a substitute on the Corporate Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

Then we turned the page and found out he was Planning and Regeneration committee and then we turned page after page after page and found out he was substitute on nine out of ten committees on the council.

Cllr Kiely appeared at the council meeting last night for the first time since January. He was virtually invisible through the election campaign which he seemed to spend either in London campaigning for Ken Livingstone or for himself in a (successful) bid to become a member of the National Union of Students.

This has clearly not gone down well with council leader, John Kent, who has clearly reminded the 23-year-old Harrow College student, of his responsibilities to his ward and his party.


  1. He was also very nearly late (turning up a 5 to 7) and seemed to have lost his tie on the way.

  2. Why has Mr Kiely not been removed from his position as a concillor of Thurrock, he obvioulsy has scant regards for the local constituents and is a complete laughing stock amongst the meany residents of Thurrock and more than likley an embarassment to the local Labour party

  3. Regrettably, there is no mechanism for removing a councillor from office for being rubbish. Recall elections should be introduced by the Government, to enable Ockendon residents to petition the council to force a by-election.

  4. He may have been very nearly late, but a certain Tory councillor Coxshall WAS late and didn’t even have the decency to wait until the prayer was over before entering the chamber.

  5. Here we go again dear oh dear Ben
    You can’t stand it when any body on here has a little go at you,yet low and behold your the first one to snipe at others. If the meeting doesn’t start until 7 then he was not late? Also is it a rule then to wear a tie. I do have to say I think councillors should be smartly dressed but come on.

  6. This man is a nasty little marxist who is more interested in pushing his far left credentials with people like Dianne Abbott and Ken Livingstone than he is doing his job for the people he really is supposed to be representing. He is picking up public money under false pretences but, as has been pointed out, lying to the public and cheating the public purse isn’t grounds for getting rid of councillors or MP’s for that matter. What a nasty little turd this person is.

  7. Its common knowledge that Kiely seems occupied with other left wing interests. I’m surprised he turnt up to be honest! At least Ockendon has two other councillors who are there to help.

  8. Could anyone tell me how you can attend these mayoral events. I thought they were invitation only or can any member of the public go ?.

  9. Joe, full council is open to the public; you can turn up to any council meeting you like. The annual council/mayormaking ceremony is ticketed due to the higher attendance, but if you contact the council in advance you should be able to get a ticket, I would imagine.

    why-oh-why, Cllr Coxshall was indeed slightly late entering the meeting. This was, however, because he was engaged with the Chafford Hundred parents who have primary school place problems, who were protesting outside council. Whilst this does not excuse him, there is a difference between getting to a meeting on time and engaging with the public on an issue they have, compared to just stumbling in late.

    The tie thing is not a “rule”. But I think it displays a certain amount of disrespect/disregard for societal conventions. He is an elected member in public office, at the annual council, the mayormaking ceremony etc – a major civic event. He can probably turn up in jeans and flip-flops if he wants to, but it’s about decorum. He could have made an effort. He didn’t. He wasn’t late, but if he was on a train he was cutting it pretty fine (he did come from the station direction, rather than the car park).

    Rain mack, I think you may have missed something. There is a distinction between criticism and personal attack. Describing people as looking like a thunderbird puppet (see the previous article) or a “little turd” (as NoVoice has done above) are purely derogatory, and debate would be more civilized if people on all sides refrained from describing each other as such.

    It is, however, entirely justified to criticise the actions of those in office, and to raise factual points, as I have done above. I have no problem with such criticism, indeed I have criticised people of all political hues on this site.

  10. Ben
    Although I agrea with a lot of what you say above.
    I have have always been lead to believe councillors were elected for certain parts of the borough, therefore as asked on the story regarding Chafford school. Why is councillor Coxshall involving himself in another councillors ward?
    I tend to remember years ago long before this gabble of politicians came to Thurrock you would be put on a code of conduct for involving yourself in another ward. Does this not show a huge disrespect for cllrs Tunde & Charlie, cllr Coxshall is either showing he has no faith in either of them or has let his job with JDP go to his head & thinks he alone is running the council .Cllr Tunde is one of the most polite, hard working. Trust worthy people this council has.

  11. A fair point. It is possible that cllr Coxshall was invited to provide some input. It is also possible, as a senior member of the group standing nearby, he was directly approached by the parents and asked questions. No complaints from cllrs Key or Ojetola yet… not publicly at least!

  12. Ben
    How can Coxshall possibly be classed a senior member of the group? He has only been in it 5 ?
    He is the exact opposite to Cllr Tundei.
    He is Rude, obnoxious, self opinionated, shall I go on.
    Does he really feel he is better than some of the highly motivated and honourable cllrs within the Tories, yes there are some.
    If within his group he is classed a senior then even more disspecable that I read on here he was quite late getting in to the meeting.

  13. This is an article about a complete sh*t of a person who is a member of the complete sh*t of a political party that will nort admit it’s own mistakes and apologise to a betrayed nation. Comrade in chief won’t kick him out because he knows he needs his vote, when he can be bothered to turn up. A grimy little party that put’s its own interests first and above those they purport to represent.

  14. Sorry Novoice but I think you should do as your name says.

    Have NO VOICE. What an awful person you are,
    The person you are referring to is a very young man, whom has made many mistakes,yet as said his young.
    you on the other hand are nothing more than an absolute are probly also a member of a party that has more faults than most.
    Cllr I’m so mighty Anderson can’t even get his group in order and get rid of wrong doing. As people may see the huge cracks that are in his group.
    For goodness sake go away you poor excuse of a human being.I pray you don’t have children, WHAT A ROLE MODEL

  15. I’m intrigued why you use the name rain mack. Your language would suggest your are something of a smutty little twat. If he’s old enough to assume he can be a councillor or anything else then he’s old enough for the real world. Unless your are putting the case that inept, pathetic children are running the Labour party and thus the council in the name of the Labour party nationally. We all know what a success they were then so perhaps you are right. Pathetic children with pathetic childlike policies. Are they all running round the money tree picking pound notes ready for their next term in government. Labour = war criminals, failed government, lies, denial and little children pretending they know how to run things. It’s been a lovely day, so glad you could enlighten it even further.

  16. Oh dear
    You are so far stuck up your own self important rear, sorry to disappoint you but the name I use is actuly a mock at your kind of politics.
    As for money trees well say no more at least it’s a tree and not a property developer.

  17. You mean like the property developers the Labour party has invited to concrete over Thurrock’s green belt. Those property developers nobody wants but virtually every councillor on Thurrock Council voted to allow them to build houses where nobody wanted them to build. You appear to have disappeared up your own backside and re-appeared in a parallel universe where people like poor little confused english white hating, anti capitalist, anti everything British class warriors like Kiely are fit and proper people to be considered for holding public office. It isn’t my kind of politics most people in Thurrock disagree with. It’s people like Kiely taking public money to spew his anti British, Marxist views to his audiences elsewhere other than Thurrock. It just goes to show how low the Labour party will stoop to hold on to power.

  18. NoVoice you make a very valid point about Labour’s 18,500 house building targets for Thurrock.

    But some good news, during the General Election both the Conservative Parliamentary candidates issued leaflets proming the Conservatives would rip up Labour’s 18,500 house building target for Thurrock and hand control to local communities under a Localism bill. The local Conservatives also issued many leaflets promising to defend Thurrock’s Green Belt.

    Any voter would think that the Conservatives would stop Labour’s plans for thousands of homes for Thurrock and stop any building on the Green Belt.

    But now we have a bit of a problem – On the 21st December 2011 Thurrock’s Councillors, including all the Conservative Councillors voted for 23,250 new homes in Thurrock.

    Having vocally campaigned against any development in the Green Belt the local Conservative Councillors voted for 15% of new houses (2775 homes) to be built on Thurrocks Green Belt.

    They also voted for an additional 4750 dwellings above the 18500 already agreed to be located in the borough – so although the Local Development Framework plan identifies where 18500 homes go – it also prepares the way for an additional 4750 homes to be built – so at least 23250 homes will be built over the next 14 years.

    As for defending the Green Belt the Conservatives voted for it to be Thurrock Council policy to “continue to identify further sites within the Green Belt to allocate for residential development” and for “building to continue on the Green Belt where appropriate.”

    So yes blame Labour for their initial plans for Thurrock – but on the 21st December 2011 both Labour and Conservative Councillors voted for 23250 homes to be built in Thurrock.

    So much for pre election promises to rip up Labour’s house building targets and to defend Thurrock’s Green Belt.

    Onto a completely different point, do people realise that the newly elected Conservative Council of 2004 had the power to stop the Development Corporation from ever operating in Thurrock? Although this was a Labour idea it had to be rubber stamped by Thurrock Council. Despite claiming it would be an unelected, unaccountable Labour quango the Conservatives voted for it – whoops!

  19. I should add that the meeting of the 21st December 2011 to rubber stamp 23,250 homes in Thurrock lasted a mere 24 minutes.

  20. NoVoice you sound like Citizen Smith Tooting Popular Front

    i thought i was bad but you beat me

    and my choice in your quiz is D

  21. Chickenshit you sound very worried what are you worried about the truth coming out ? if this person has done nothing wrong what are you worried about and as for farce your the only one who’s trying to make a farce of things you just go to pieces every time every time someone goes near joy Redsell she’s got plenty of mouth when challenging people let her open her mouth now and make a comment she can speak for her self and don’t need people like you speaking on her behalf perhaps you should go and meet property developers around there houses and in hotels in the brentwood area on her behalf, or if your nice and strong she will take you on a hamper fest trip which is all undeniable. together with her picture stealing antics which her own daughter has already given an interview stating her mother brought the picture around and gave it to her as a gift,or are you suggesting lying runs in the family so to recap chick let her do her own talking she does not need a chicken like you. somebody who actually has the brain The size of a chicken so keep your beak out of things and go scratch around in the dirt somewhere else perhaps you should re name yourself fog horn leg horn REDSELL MAKE A COMMENT 

  22. Hot Press- I presume your crude reply is aimed at me, but I think you may have your knickers in a twist as this piece relates to Cllr Kiely and I dont think I have made a comment.

    Unfortunately it just goes to prove my point on other postings that the contributors are so full of hate that they lose sight of what the piece of reporting was originally about.

  23. Chickenfeed I blogged this page because of your panic to have the other page closed I could not respond

  24. Dear Chickenfeed,

    I think it fair to say that any article that gets reported upon by Your Thurrock is capable of blogs that are not necessarily specifically connected to the matter reported albeit tangentially relevant. Such is even more so when the comments go off on a tangent relevant to the person being reported about in the article on YT.

    I’ve seen many comments on YT that start off exclusively relating to the article and then go off in another direction which I personally find very invigorating. Indeed would it not be a boring world if we were required to always remain within the confines and be constricted to comment only in a certain way? Is that not why we have freedom of expression and a free press in this democratic country. Otherwise people like yourself Chickenfeed would be able to ensure that matters relevant to the character and integrity of the likes of Joy Redsell could be avoided and buried by you.
    Also Cf I apologise if I offended you but It was only ever intended to be humorous. I unreservedly apologise and will not again refer to you by that derogatory name.

    I must reiterate whilst you do your very best to defend Joy Redsell nevertheless she is accountable as a public servant and I am sure well able to defend herself. However you as well as myself should be encouraging her, indeed demanding some kind of explanation as to what I believe is misconduct on her part. The same applies to Mr Anderson who treats the matters that are being continually reported about this woman as though best to stick your head in the sand and say nothing. This is note the way to inspire confidence and transparency at the level expected of a public servant. Although I am sure you feel I am continually harping on about this woman it is only because she and all the other Tory party faithful refuse to make comments about the matters of concern being continually raised about this woman. I will not rest until Joy Redsell provides open and frank comment andexplanation to the matters of concern raised.

  25. If you really feel that I am defending an individual you are very wrong, I will however defend until the cows come home a British Judicial System and have faith in how that system choses who to prosecute or not as the case may be. If I were to go off track slightly have you seen some of the comments made by the person whom this article does refer to, regarding Tony Blair and his antics in the war, or how he defends students in the riots, and how he would appear NOT to support our troops, and his general racist blurb?

    Would you like to discuss that ?

  26. So is the complete nob head Kiely not answerable. My god, if any of you are connected to the council in any way then there is little wonder that this place is going down the tubes faster than a bad case of the shi*s.

  27. Hot press, is that a euphemism and do you need to speak to your wife, assuming your married and your male of course.

  28. hot press I found a number of Comrade Kiely’s blogs or rants from the link above. May I say what a thoroughly deserving person he is to be receiving public funds from the peopl of Thurrrock. May I also add how deserving the Labour party are of this person. He sums the Labour party up most emphatically. It’s just a shame the Labour party don’t have the guts to publish Comrade Kiely’s rants to show just excatly what it is that they are supporting. Why won’t Comrade Kent publish Kiely’s writings on the Council’s website to show exactly what Labour councillors stand for. I’m sure the new local community would be delighted. Others however would probably be less enthusiastic. Kiely is a nasty little scumbag.

  29. Chic you blog a link, I tried to link to it, it was incorrect your fault then you accuse me of not looking hard enough when I finally do get to the link what precisely do you want me to comment on, Steven Lawrence and the anti racialist, if you could be precise on what you want me to comment on 

  30. No voice, why don’t you publish comments made by mr Kiely ?. I wouldnt know where to start looking, but rather than waste my time and everyone else’s , you can send them to us as you are so obsessed by mr Kiely. Make me wonder if you fancy him ?.

  31. I’m not sitting here defending him Colin Barnes. Are you getting jealous. It never ceases to amaze me when you hit a raw note with the Lefties how aggressive and pesronal they get. Unwind your suspenders and stop slapping yourself with a wet fish Colin Barnes. By the way Tony Blair is a war monger and his wife is less attractive than a monk fish. Gargoyle Brown was the worst prime minister since Blair and people like you still think Harriet Harperson is sane. Are your eyes bulging yet. If I wrote about black people in the same way Kiely wirtes about the people of this country, People like you would froth at the mouth just before your head exploded. You would then be demanding that I be publicly executed and my head be placed on a spike outside the tower. Kiely is a racist and he hates this country and you support him in his role as councillor representing the Labour party. Well done.

  32. No voice, you was asked two simply questions,, but in stead you go on a strange rant. What a pathetic individual you are. Looking at your past posts, I would suggest for your own sake you seek medical attention urgently.

  33. Did you enjoy the Jubilee Colin Barnes. I hear Comrade Kiely has put in a claim for reparations for the hurt feelings of all the oppressed black people living in this country after the blatant show of colonialism over the weekend. I’m saner than you will ever be. Go look for yourself if you want to read Kiely’s racist tirades. Are your leftie feelings hurt. I suggest you re assess your attitude towards people. Because i question a Labour Councillor’s fitness for his position, your two comments on me are to accuse me of being mad and I’m assuming you were trying to infer that I was Gay. How do you know I’m not female. Has someone been hacking.


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