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Media Muggles enjoy the magic of the Harry Potter Studio Tour

OVER 40 media students from the Thurrock Learning Campus and Southend Campus of South Essex College enjoyed the behind the scenes magic of the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour recently.

Students were transported to the great hall of Hogwarts and a multitude of sets, costumes and props used across all eight of the blockbusting films. Pretty much every inch of this Studio was filled with sets and pieces from all of the films. To say it was vast just doesn’t cover it as the horizon just went on and on with its sets and costumes and more sets, each one instantly recognisable.

One of the students, Kelda Morris, from Canvey Island said: “After growing up with the world of Harry Potter on the big screen and in books it was great to finally meet the real ‘stars’ of the series, the fantastic props and sets. My favourite was the Ford Anglia car, so I jumped at the chance to sit inside it.
It’s just a shame I can’t fly my car to College!”

Locations featured included everything from the potion room, the Weasley house interior, Hagrid’s Hut, Dumbledore’s Office, one of the Dorm rooms and The Leaky Cauldron to name but a few. Outside you could even sit on Hagrid’s motorbike, inside the Weasley’s Ford Anglia (just like Kelda) and stand outside the house at Privet Drive before seeing how the creatures and sets were created and then ending up in Diagon Alley.

Hayley Watson, Lecturer in Film Based Media, added: “From my experience I would say that there is nothing like this in the UK and that it was the quality of something you would find in Hollywood so instantly that makes the experience far more accessible to students. It is also a celebration of a film series made in Britain, with a British cast and crew and showcases the sheer talent and detail that goes into each and every aspect of the production from script to costumes, set design, direction and how certain effects are put on and developed.”

With so many sets and props to take in, by the end of the day the students were all well and truly hufflepuffed out!



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