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Tanya’s blog: Double Vision at the Beer Festival

Tanya’s Blog

“Last week (22nd – 26th May 2012) was the annual Thurrock Beer Festival at the Civic Hall in Grays. Now, real ales are most definitely not my thing. However, in the spirit of the event I did try a few sips of various ales, mainly given to me just to see the look of disgust on my face, and I can confirm that I still don’t like them. So, I stuck to what I do enjoy – ciders, perries and the country wines.

I wasn’t stuck for choice either, there were about 19 different ciders and perries and a selection of country wines for me to sample – with just five days to try them!

Right from the start my favourite was the Two Trees Perry by Gwynt Y Ddraig – a popular choice for many it seems, as this was run dry by Thursday evening. In addition I did enjoy the Farmhouse Scrumpy, also by Gwynt Y Ddraig and the Perry by Double Vision. Although, I couldn’t dink too much of any of the Double Vision offerings or else I’d have needed to be carried home – at 7.4 per cent abv it does what it says on the label.

There was also a Strawberry Cider on offer this year by Double Vision, which ran out early in the week. I usually like fruit ciders so was looking forward to this, but unfortunately this one wasn’t for me.

To be honest, I only moved on to the wines once my favourite ciders and perries had run dry. There were various wines including: Strawberry and Mead. I really enjoy the Mead, but being a honey based wine it is only for the sweet toothed among us.

During Thurrock Beer Festival there is always an opportunity to join CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) and this year I finally did join.

CAMPRA is an organisation that campaigns for real ale, community pubs and consumer rights. Formed in 1971, CAMRA now has over 140,000 members across the world and current campaigns include petitioning the Beer Tax and ending the practice of supermarkets charging less for alcohol forcing community pubs to close as they cannot compete.

Single membership for a year is £22, or £27 a year for a joint (this price is slightly reduced if paying through Direct Debit), but that gets you discounts on books and guides, as well as free or discounted entry to other CAMRA beer festivals. Plus as a gift for joining at this year’s festival, they were offering four free pints – so I stocked up on the delicious Two Trees Perry I mentioned earlier.

Next year Thurrock Beer Festival will be held 4th to 8th June. See you there!


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