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Blog: Down your way with Danny

Down Your way with Danny.
“I decided to walk with my dog towards Aveley village, along Foyle Drive, we walked towards the old Marley tiles yard on Stifford Road.
We approached the severe S bends at the end of Foyle Drive, and joined a small paved footpath, before crossing over Stifford Road, I noticed that all the steel fencing, was in a very bad state of disrepair, every part of the fencing has rusted completely through, there were also several badly dented and twisted panels caused by something colliding with them, these panels were put up to deflect a car or lorrie from crashing into the houses that run along side Stifford Road, I crossed the Stifford Road, and turned right, I smelt a very pungent heavy smell of burnt oil and parafin, I have smelt this horrible smell in several other places away from the yard, I suppose in which direction the wind is blowing, I continued walking alongside the high steel mesh fencing which is covered by, Russian Vine creeper plants, plus lots of rubbish etc, the yard behind the fencing is full of house bricks, I reached my target Hangmans Woods, only to find that they have erected a six foot green fencing stretching along the complete length of the Woods, so I couldn’t gain entry into Hangmans Woods, to look at the wild flowers such as the lovely smelling Blue Bells and Yellow Primroses, the walk through the woods was always pleasent you could see squirrels and birds and small rabbits running through the woods, I crossed over the Stiffford Road again to walk on the grassed areas in front of the house of Fulbrook Lane, there are several Crab Apple Trees and flowering Cherry trees, I did notice several of the trees that line a small fottpath that leads down to a bus stop, had there tree trunks split and were leaning over the footpaths, I only hope nobodies there when they fall down, it is very obvious that the grassed area is being used by cars and vans to turn around, and in one case as used the grassed areas to gain access to Stifford Road, There are lots of horses in their own paddock runs, which is good to see, as they are being looked after and fed properly.
I crossed over the road again and walked again towards Aveley village, I saw four artic lorries trying to get parked in a three artic lorry lay bye, one of the lorries was straddling the road and footpath leaving at least six foot sticking into Stifford Road it was also obvious that the drivers were using the lay bye as a toilet as the smell of urine was quite bad, it is obvious that they are urinating through the fence, I also saw several disregarded plastic bottles with urine in them just thrown onto the footpath and small grassed area, I have also seen one driver throwing a plastic bottle from his cab window, which was full of urine, this must be a serious health hazard, why dont they use the toilets in Howard Tenens yard, because that is where they are going to or coming from.
I crossed over the road bridge above the M25 motorway which was very busy as usual, I crossed over the road again to walk besides the Belhus Park, this part of the vast park as been allowed to grow wild, and is sometimes used by dog walkers, and Gypsies who dump there poor pathetic looking ponies on, because it doesnt cost them anything to feed them, but I have taken them water to drink, I saw lots of rusty tin baths which were meant to contain water, but I never saw anybody tring to fill them, surely it would be knder to put the ponies to sleep, rather than be in constant misery tethered to a piece of rope which is staked into the ground, there is no shelter and no attention or affection, I walked through a small copice of trees and imerged where a Kebab Van is parked next to the large roundabout, which parks there 7 days a week, you can see the disregarded wrappers and old tin cans, which have been thrown into the park or on the verges, and into the small copice wood.
I crossed the road and followed Stifford Road into Aveley Village, just five hundred yards along Stifford Road, I entered the High Street, I noticed alarge lay bye on the right side of the road, there was alarge blue artic lorry parked there, which was obstructing a bus stop, further along the High Street, there was another artic lorry parked on the no parking signs outside, Aveley Primary School, plus several other cars, which was forcing other road users into a single lane until they were passed the obstructions, further along the road, there are several speed humps to slow the traffic down, just before the primary school and for a further five hundred yards, there is a strict 20MPH in force, outside the doctors surgery or Aveley health clinic the cars are parked two deep and several cars were on the footpath, the car users co9uldnt have been in the clinic, as most of there car park spaces were empty, at my time of passing, further along the High Street I came to a small group of shops, there was litter everywhere mostly white paper used in fish and chips shops, I found the small memorial gardens to all the service men and women who lived in the area, and died in Iraq and Afganistan whilst being part of the peace keeping troops, I think it is very fitting and the small gardens looked lovely an oasis for rememberance.
On the corner of Ship Lane and outside the Ship PH, I looked down Ship Lane, and saw a Zebra crossing which is onlyabout twelve feet from the blind corner, so cars turning left into Ship Lane wont see anybody croosing the road on the Zebra crossing, until they are  on top of the crossing, that must have taken some genius at least two minutes to think of putting it there, in such a dangerous place, on the opposite corner, the council have enlarged the corner, to make turning left from Ship Lane difficult for lorries and buses, which is a good thing, bearing in mind that they shouldnt have been there in  the first place, because at the entrance to Ship Lane at the Thurrock Lakeside end of the lane, there are several noticed to driver banning them from the road beyond the Thurrock Hotel, still I dont suppose the European drivers can read the signs, let alone react to them, further along the High Street I came across another Zebra Crossing this time outside the Co-oP Supermarket, I stopped and had a rest there, I noticed two women who came straight out of the Co-oP and crossed over the road without even looking in any direction, another man cross over the road talking on the moblie phone completely oblivious to anything or anyone around him, it is a wonder how this motorbike missed him, then the worse person who crossed the road here, was a joung mum with a baby which was strapped into a pushchair, she pushed the pushchair into the road without looking she was on the mobile phone, the bus driver managed to stop before he could hit them, she just looked at the relieved driver and gave him a two fingered salute and shouted out some verbal abuse, a man who told her he was a policeman who was off duty, told her that if she wanted to commit suicide then dont leave the baby at home, because if the bus had hit them, the bay would have been dead and she would have been injured, she said then she could have sued the driver, for the death of the child, the policeman said that he had witnessed the incident, and was going to have taken to the police station, for attempted murder of her child, I left them arguing about the near miss.
I walked to the top of the high street, where Purfleet Road and Mill  Road join the High Street, I watched a Eddie Stobart Artic lorry try to turn into the High Street from Mill Road, after several attempts he managed it, but I though that artic lorries were banned from using Mill Road and the High Street, he was at least Forty Tons I thought there was a limit of 7.5Tons on these roads, I also saw several children sitting on the garage wall, they were all smoking and throwing tins at one another, this was at 11.0am on a school day, I walked a little further along Mill Road, and caught a bus, and went back to Fyle Drive, and home again.
When I left the bus in Foyle Drive, I got into a conversation witha fiend of mine who happens to live in Fortin Close, he seemed quite upset, he took me to his bungalow and showed me his frontroom, it was very dark, and he put the light on so that we could see, and it wouldnt be so dark, the darkness was caused by the trees that grow outside his bungalow, he also showed me the foot path that leads into his bungalow, there was a tree in his garden and one growing in the footpath outside the bungalow, there were large moulds caused by the roots of the tyres and they were, growing through the surface of the footpath, and they had sprouted branches which had leaves on them, I walked around the small estate with him and saw several other footpaths which had tree roots coming through the footpath surfaces, what the counciol should have in mind is, these are old people who use walking frames and walking sticks to get around, the entire estate is a TRIP ZONE, they are accidents waiting to happen, I was told by one resident who doesnt want to be named said that he had been rtold that, they didnt have any budget left for new footpaths and cutting down trees that are causing a health hazard not only on the footpaths but inside the bungalows because of the restricted light these trees are causing, we arrived just as the children were leaving Somers Heath Primary School, where I watched several mothers park there cars on the No Parking Zone outside the school, there is also a large Yellow sign saying No Stopping, there was a Icecream Van parked outside the school, which was parked on a pavement blocking the residents parking spaces for Fortin Close, the footpath has seen better days which had severallarge cracks in the TarMac surfaces, I spoke to the Icecream van driver, who didnt seem to care, he said that he wasnt selling icecreams, he was only picking up his daugjhter, I informes him that there were Yellow lines on the road, he laughted and said because the yellow lines had worn away, he could park there, I said that he was obstructing the footpath for other pedestrians, he told me to walk in the road.
My friend told me that the residents had a new tenent rep, who hasnt done anything for the residents since he or she taken on the position.
I did check to see if that was correct, and can tell you that he has managed to do several things for the tenents in Fortin Close..


  1. What a depressing article for Thurrock Council if any of them can be bothered to read it. This is how it is for the residents and visitors alike.

  2. I dont think the council read this article or listern to any tenent, un less there are cameras there, to record the fact, then they only make idle promises, which they have no real intentions of carrying out, the fumes from the Howard Tenens Yard is really bad, and I have smelt it a few times in Foyle Drive, it seems a great pity that, the newspapers dont do an article on conditions, on different estates, without any input from councillors, otherwise it will be like a farmers yard full of Bu##S##t, I have lived in thios area for over 46 years now, and I have never known, it to be so bad, most of the estates in Thurrock are sadly neglected, and run down, people have given up hope, there is a dismal lack of jobs, and money in the poorer parts of Thurrock, so the tenents just sit back and watch there neighbourhoods, go into the gutter, I think the TBC should stop worrying about other areas and consentrate on there own back yard first, some of the councillors only do the job for the allowances and expenses, a certain Sue Gray councillor for Belhus told lots of people that she couldnt, care less if she got voted in again, but I suppose the expenses and allowances persuaded her into it!.

  3. Fine article of what should have been a pleasant walk had it not been for the depressing landscape caused by Thurrock councils ineptitudes and the general numptyness of idiots……

  4. I have been associated with this area for 46 years now, I married a local girl in 1966, and we raised two children in this area, and boy as it changed from being a quiet sleepy little place with a regular 370 bus service to Romford Market, and there was an Eastern National bus to Brentwood which ran through South Ockendon from Tilbury Ferry, the only real change to the railway services as been, the inclusion of Chafford Hundred station, and the trains now run through to Southend-on-Sea via Grays, Sainsburys and Woolworths have long gone from Derwent Parade, only to be replaced by various shops which opened and closed a few months later, but we have somehow retained the market twice a week, and the bank was lost, but was the councils gain, they are saying that the PO sorting offices are to close, and be transferred to Grays, the industrial estate in Arisdale Avenue as lost its main company that ermployed more local people than the rest, Ford Motor company where they made their racing cars and grand prix racing saloons, the engines for the cars came from FMC Dunton, all the buildings, but one have been demolished for new housing, not for local people who need them, but for people from outside who can afford to buy them or rent them, they are busy filling in the old waste grounds just off Arisdale Ave, but I was told that they are still toxic, and will give off dangerous fumes for years to come, nothing new there then, I can remember the old TBC, asking the good people of Stifford Road and Cullen Square and Cruick Avenue, did they want a railway station to be built next to the road bridge in Stifford Road or a roundabout at the Mar Dyke end of South Road and Stifford Hill and Stifford Road, therer was a poll carried out, with everybody getting a polling slip, you either put a X for railway station or a X for a roundabout, after many months of B##lsh#t, it hasnt altered as it?, they got Traffic Lights, which have caused many deaths and serious accidents since they were put in, even the Police asked for a roundabout to stop the weekly carnage at Ford Place traffic lights, 2012 and the accidents still happen, I know this because I lived next to the traffic lights, we all had first Aid kits ready, and the kettle bopiling to make tea for shock.
    I really feel that we live on a lost housing estates, the only way a head is to demolish all the estates, and rebuild them, and this time build into them, what the tenents want, all house to have drive ways, good public transport to every part of the estates similiar to Stevenage and Crawley, each area to have a GP and Dentist, with community shops etc, we want a cinema and Libraries etc, bring some pride back into our estates and the police to protect us from the yobbos etc, its to much to ask for is it.. let me know what you all think..


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