Tuesday, July 23, 2024

SETMW Founder sadly loses his battle against illness

Tony Spiers who was the founder of the Essex Media Group and The South East Television and Media Workshop , a registered charity, has lost his brave battle against Leukaemia . Tony who was 78 years old operated his workshop originally from the Culver Centre in Daiglen Drive. He shared a home, with his wife Sue in East Tilbury Village .I was privileged to know Tony from those early days and helped him with the inaugural programme for Cable Television “Get a New Life”

Tony taught countless students over the years and many have gone on to work in the industry. Tony acted as producer,director and cameraman on many many projects.

Dr Richard Gregory ,who is a workshop director, at the Parkside Studios where he and Tony worked alongside said “Every once in a while someone comes into your life and changes it in ways that you could never imagine. Tony Spiers was the kind of man that inspired you and motivated you. He made you believe in yourself and made you feel special. When people doubted themselves, Tony never doubted them. Not only was he a great teacher but also a good friend. He helped people to find themselves and instilled in them a can do attitude…. He made you believe that you can do it and that you can make a difference. Not just to one but to all past and present students and volunteers at Essex Media Workshop and South East Television and Media Workshop.

Mike Jones


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