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Grays School: Head-teacher quits

GRAYS SCHOOL and Media Arts College have officially announced that head-teacher Lynn Ibeji has stood down from her post.

In a short statement, the school stated: “Lynn Ibeji has decided to leave the school by mutual agreement. We wish her all the best for the future.”

Thurrock Council has now set itself the task of finding a new head.

A council spokesperson said: Thurrock Council will work closely with The Grays School Media Arts College and its governing body over the coming weeks.

Cllr Oliver Gerrish, the council’s education portfolio holder, said: “At the moment stability is the key for the school. Parents, staff and pupils need to be assured that the council and the school are working together looking to the future.

“At the moment, the school is being led by acting Head John Marchant, who has many years’ experience there.

“Thurrock Council is doing all it can to support Mr Marchant at this time, including assistance from the School Improvement team.”

Cllr Gerrish added: “Looking to the long term future of the school, we are very ambitious for them and are determined to explore every avenue in realising the huge potential of the school”.


  1. “The school is being led by acting Head John Marchant, who has many years’ experience there”.

    Is this a good idea?! ‘Lord Lucan’ as he was known (could never be found!) has been in post throughout the demise of the school! Hmm…is that just a coincidence then?!

  2. Over many years The Grays School Media Arts College has been in and out of the local news and the standards have appeared to be declining for a while, the school needs a stable environment and a very strong leader that can turn things around or we will end up seeing yet another school facing closure due to being placed into special measures.

    It is easy to blame the pupils for poor results etc but you need to focus on the teaching staff and their methods, are the pupils actively encouraged in lessons, are they motivated, is there a high turnover of teaching staff which disrupts the education of the pupils.

    Education techniqes in this country is still grounded in the 1800’s, with the emergence of new technology and the different surroundings that most children have, new teaching techniques need to be adopted rather than learing by rote.

  3. look i’m a student at the grays, it’s an embarrasment that other schools threaten there pupils with our school!, we need a headteacher who is going to be strict, who’s going to bring in strict teachers to, and get rid of the automatic doors in B block now because no one else in our school is disabled now Mrs Ibeji has gone :).

    and aswell the rules need changing in that school, it’s to leanient! Mrs Ibeji didn’t improve the schools behaviour anyhow, it was just do to the worst students in year 11 leaving when she took over!

    in my opinion, the school is a shit hole, the teachers don’t communicate enough and don’t understand all the situations with the kids when they chuck them up in isolation which is like a prison!!, just because it isn’t in the newspaper no more, dosen’t mean it’s improved!
    lots of love IBEJI, your A* Student Ben Tuttle 🙂

  4. flukeable, how refreshing to see a student that can see the problems at their school and shows the maturity to give a solution to the issues that are probably not popular with other stdents.

    Maybe if the education authority actually sat down with the students and ask their opinions on how they would like their school ran than dictating things to them.

    I am sure with the right head in charge who can manage the staff better and get rid of those who are performing below standard then TGSMAC can and will improve.

  5. I have to say flukeable, you’ve just echoed the thoughts of my daughter who left that school 4 years ago. Good for you for speaking out. The woman was a PC place person.

  6. someone has too say something or it will never change 🙂 just hope they appoint the right head teacher this time 🙂

  7. i also agree to flukebale beacuse i was also a student and i was also very large in size and determaining on what the grays school is like now and how it was when i was there its still very poor in all areas


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