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Justice for SAS war hero George as family receive compensation for dagger

THE FAMILY OF SAS war hero, the late George Denny has received compensation for the ceremonial dagger that was stolen from Purfleet Heritage Museum in August last year.

After a ten month battle it seems that George’s family has won the war.

Alan Cockerill and the family fought a long and hard campaign but received a cheque for £1500 on Wednesday morning.

The money will now be donated to St Luke’s hospice and Help for Heroes.

Son-in-law, Alan Cockerill said: “We haven’t got the knife back but we have received some form of recompense.

“The money goes, as we pledged, straight to charity.

“We would like to thank Caprons solicitors for all their help and the community for their support.

In 2007, Aveley man, George decided that he wanted to see one of his most treasured possessions, an SAS commando dagger in a museum. He wanted the satisfaction of being a living part of history.

George loaned the dagger to the Purfleet Heritage Museum in Centurion Way.

But in July last year, on a visit to the museum, George was told that the knife (and associated paperwork) was stolen from its display. It has never been found.

Ninety-year-old George’s health deteriorated and he was admitted into Basildon hospital with a stomach ulcer. His condition worsened and he was transferred to the intensive care ward but died a few days after.

Hundreds turned out at George’s funeral at Upminster crematorium.

Grand-son Darren Cockerill said: “I always knew that George would win a battle, even after he passed away. One day, I believe the knife will turn up.

We will continue to campaign for war heroes. I plan to undertake a parachute jump for Help for Heroes later in the year.”


  1. Whilst this is good news regarding the compensation and the charities that will benefit from this it is still such a shame that this has taken so long and had to involve legal departments.


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