Friday, July 19, 2024

Aveley By-Pass: Diversion, what diversion?

LAST NIGHT (Thursday) YT went along to Park Lane, Aveley to grab some footage of the bridge over the Aveley by-pass that is under repair after a mystery lorry (area searched, no trace) collided with the bridge.

The bridge is closed and there is a diversion in place, with access only allowed to the Belhus Park.

So you can imagine our surprise when, as we were filming, there was a steady stream of cars driving straight through the diversion.

YT is not really a CCTV service but we have spoken to Essex Police who have advised drivers that at the very least it is a non-endorseable offence and at worst it is careless driving.

The diversion will be in place until at least May 22nd. Local councillor, Robert Ray (UKIP) has hit the ground running and has been in direct conversation with all parties in order to ensure that matters are concluded in a timely fashion.


  1. I also saw drivers using an OPEN lane, north side of the road, where traffic were going in both directions around 05:15am.
    It was more worring & continued inconveniance of the HGV’s being allowed through Aveley village (now halted by a sign – No through HGV’s.
    Urgent attention is needed by Thurrocks roads management department.

  2. I have witnessed many who ignore the red light (even though the traffic lights are deemed temporary, these drivers are committing offences), yesterday I was the first vehicle queing at the red light, when a guy 3 or 4 cars back pulled out of the queue to overtake and drive through the park entrance route, this was followed by 2 more cars and a van, the van coming close to colliding with me as he bullied his way past and then drove through the lights in the ocnventional way, the standard of driving and the lack of patience will for sure see a major incident at this locations like this.

    TBC or the contractors need to place a physical barrier in the through fare of the park access to deter / divert motorists taking this route, by sending them into the park.

    This should have been a consideration from the start of the works, as this was always going to be an option for impatient drivers, but the ‘idiots’ on our roads are also inconsiderate and are not bothered that the risks they take affect others and could be life threatening if the wrong choices are made, especially if yesterday is anything to go by.

    A diversion should not be in place as it is not a road closure, I assume drivers are ignoring restrictions on the High Street, if the contractors don’t close of this obvious route to disaster, then the police should have a presence or at least a CCTV camera to view drivers attitudes.


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