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It’s a right royal punch up at Kenningtons primary!

ESSEX Police were called into the playground at Kenningtons primary in Aveley after parents attacked each other in the playground.

On what should have been a royal day of celebration, parents, staff and pupils looked on in horror as the fight took place in the grounds of the Tamar Drive school.

Essex Police spokesperson said: “Officers were called at just after 9am to the school, where we were informed that an altercation had taken place.

“The matter was resolved by way of neighbourhood resolution. There were no injuries.”

The definition of a neighbourhood resolution is as follows:

“Any action requested by the victim, agreed by the suspect and considered appropriate and proportionate by the officer in the case. A Neighbourhood Resolution should bring proper closure for the victim and conclude all matters to the satisfaction of all parties”.


  1. A shining example to the pupils, well done parents, and we wonder why society is the way it is???

  2. Looked after a number of 5 / 6 year olds in last 6 months and it was sad to hear the comment “My Dad / Mum says it’s ok to drop litter or throw it from the car as it’s some one else’s job……!” Ten Thousand lines for parents, “I am a prat”. Children do mimic their parents and copy them and if a parent shows no respect for an institution of the Community then that Child is potentially lost like so many in Thurrock. Shaming parents has little effect as they enjoy the publicity!

  3. I went to Kenningtons Primary and have very fond memories of the school. The massive playing field at the back was under threat from developers at one time for house building, but this idea has now passed and the grass is safe for the time being.Used to have above average old fashioned style teachers. Mr hull, Mrs Clements , Mr Hare , Mrs Park, Mrs Holland, Mrs Guppwell, Mrs Shrappel and not forgetting Miss Collie (bless her) in the nursery. Under the stewardship of Rod hull, Peter Minter and Francis Wymark the school was always near to the top of the Thurrock league tables. Getting close to the bottom I notice these days unfortunately.

    . If the school becomes an Academy the threat to the playing fields from developers may surface again. They never sleep. They don’t have much truck with religion at this school these days. No Christmas decorations, no Nativity plays. A secular school. This can be good or bad depending on your point of view. Kids were told that if they did not donate a pound to the school and dress up for the Jubilee They would have to wear their PE kit all day. Like most modern schools they have a few too many non-teaching staff. Draining the school budget while teaching assistants who can’t spell or add up take classes.

  4. This the direct result of allowing the granny state to take over our schools, such as no sports day because nobody should win a race or event, no playing with conkers in case, a bit flies off the conker injuring the other person, teacher assistants, running classes for the teacher, and they cant spell or read correctly, no dress code, the poor old children dont know where they are, and in some cases, their parents are far worser than their children, allowing them to swear and throw litter and punch other children, because it didnt do them any harm, they should look in the mirror and reflect , what harm they are doing to their children, when I left my secondary school at fifteen, I could Read, Write, and do Arithetic, that was in 1960 and I have taught my children the same things, they had sports days and they enjoyed them, there was the school bullies, which the children dealt with in there own ways, they had to wear school uniform, and they walked to school and home again, and they got the occassional clip around the ear if they were naughty and rewarded if they wasnt, for gods sake parents wake up, and bring your children up properly, because they have to take over when we all retire, god help us all.


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