Monday, July 15, 2024

Job Centre and Samaritans at Coryton as workers feel “betrayed”

AS WE END the week, the saddening news of job losses at Coryton has really hit home.

A taks force has been sent in but when you realise that one of the key members is the Job Centre then you realise what state they are in.

The main discussion on twitter feeds has been regarding loans secured against a profitable site.

YT was told that the average salary at the site was £45k. You may think: “Ah well they are hardly starving” but these are the very people who will have considerable outgoings. Things are so serious that we understand that the Samaritans are part of the support infrastructure.

EnergyLiveNews went down to the plant and interviewed people who had been working there for over 25 years.


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