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Thomas’ Blog-Parking on Deveron Gardens..Mrs Pearce isn’t happy

Blog post by Thomas Stronach

“While out for a walk on Saturday 2nd June I was walking along Deveron Gardens in South Ockendon when I bumped into Mrs Pearce. She is 83 and walks slowly with the aid of a walking stick. I stopped to talk to her and she then started talking, complaining, and she had a right to, about cars parked on the pavements, forcing her on to the road or on to what could be slippery grass verges.

Now Deveron Gardens is a street made up, primarily of single story small homes for the elderly , as you will see from the video below, two vehicles were parked right across the full width of the pavement. This is not unusual and it even gets worse on Sundays and at other times when the Belhus Park Independent Evangelical Church has a meeting on – go figure that one for Christian community spirit – when they roll up to services and block the pavements in their posh cars!

So this is what Mrs Pearce had to say and she would like Thurrock Council to take a more proactive approach in dealing with offenders who block the pavements with their inconsiderate parking.

What say you Councillor Smith, Portfolio holder for Highways, what can you do for Mrs Pearce and the rest of us who are forced onto the roads or into slippery grass verges because of these people?

I shall send a link to this post to Cllrs, Smith, Kiely and Johnson and let you know, what if any response there is. but should you want to email any of these councillors there addresses are:



  1. Next trip should be along Daiglen Drive to film all the householders who park their cars in the front gardens but haven’t paid for a dropped kerb to be installed – result lots of cracked paving slabs.

    Every so often the council comes along and repairs the damaged paving slabs but do nothing against the residents that drive over the pavement breaking the slabs in the first place.

    This situation isn’t unique to Daiglen Drive, but what is unique is the complete lack of action by Thurrock Council to crack down on this. Other local authorities don’t have this problem as they take action but not Thurrock for some reason.

  2. The problem isnt any better along Foyle Drive, I have noticed that cars are parked outside, the owners house, when the drive is empty, they even park on the grassed strips outside there homes, that have no drives, the trouble is that there isnt an adequate transport system in the area, so people use there cars, for silly trips, such as one person I watched drive six hundred yards to drop her daughter off outside the school gates, with a couple of minutes to spare, children and their parents dont walk anymore, go down to Derry Lane and watch them all try to park in the vacant spaces, even the disabled bays are occupied by abled drivers, behind the Post Office sorting offices are spaces for, at least thirty cars, and they are normally always empty, because the drivers have to walk back to the shops, the TBC will swear on the next elections that they havent got any money to spend on Highways and Byeways, and guess what, they sometimes hand the work over to Morrisons’s, God Help Us all, they cant even fix a bloody tap in three weeks, and when the man turns up, he will say that he is a carpenter, so what they will send to repair roads and footpaths god only knows.

  3. Mr Stronach, I wonder what political persuasion you are?, this was no more about Mrs Pearce and her supposed issues with parked drivers, than you getting the message across about Cllr Keily, not attending council meetings.

    However I applaud your filiming, to the layman, if this were about Mrs Pearce’s walk, you would surely have advised her to walk on the other side of the road where your film showed there were no parked vehicles, I rest my case.

  4. In the write up you mention old people, did you notice the width of this road, if cars were parked on the road, it would be an obstacle course for the many emergency vehicles that use this stretch of road, so by virtue of the parking of residents, this could save lives with time saved.

    You might want to come back to area when unruly unsocial behaviour is occurring, when these same old people get harassed and have windows and doors banged, these actions may well cause a death, where the parking mode of the residents could save lives, the fact Mrs Pearce goes to shops but chooses to stay on the side of the road that has the parked vehicles, when the footway nearest to the shops is unaffected by the parking, she obviously has her own reasons.

  5. Big Noise, I have no particular affiliation to any political party, however as it has been made clear on this website earlier in the week that one of our ward councillors has been absent campaigning to win an election for a) himself to the NUS and b) for Mr Livingston in London, I think it is a point worth mentioning. he ran for office to represent the local electorate, and is not doing so, you seem to think that this is all-right!

    It seems clear from your comments though that you may be a labour supporter, but that’s ok too, as we are all allowed to comment, unless you are suggesting otherwise.

    The comparison you make between lives being saved because of inconsiderate parking on the pavement to allow safe passage of emergency vehicles and the terrorising of elderly people on that street seems to be a strange one. On the latter comment of the elderly being harassed by unruly and unsocial behaviour this is deplorable and should be condemned by all and if you are aware of anyone doing such a thing I trust that you will be reporting them,

    Have you looked at some of the streets in Sth Ockendon, or anywhere else for that matter. Streets are narrow, Hamble Lane is a prime example of this where one side of the street is taken up by Oak Wood and is a constant worry to residents for Emergency Vehicles and bin men, but they both manage. Deveron Gdns, on the other hand is a wide road with pavements on either side and their was and is no need for those cars to be parked on the pavement. You seem to suggest, that Mrs Pearce, who has limped from her home on the other side of Foyle Drive, along Easington Way and then into Deveron Gdns before getting to the shops, should do so without complaint whether she is confronted by a whole pavement full of cars. Would you be so blasé about it, if it was your own 83 year old mother or father who required a walking stick and whose gait was so slow in getting around?

    Pavements are designed for pedestrians and not for vehicles, the continued driving over of them leads to a break up of the tarmac or loosening of the paving stones, leading to trip and fall hazards adding to the problem, but you don’t seem to consider any of that a problem. Ah well! As I say we are all entitled to air our own views, and thank you for taking the time to comment.

  6. I have no political bias and don’t want to be preached to by others, I agree that any elected person should put their time into the community to which they are elected, but as seems the norm most politicians are in it for what they get out of it.

    As for the unsociable behaviour, this is well documented with the local beat officers and my understanding more recently police patrols have been undertaken .

    As for parking, many of those choosing to park this way are themselves suffering, many are worse off than Mrs Pearce, however that is their business.

    Mrs Pearce is a voice, but by walking on that side of the road she does she chooses to confront what she sees as an issue, but as you outline this mode of parking is pretty much everywhere.

    So your advice should have been to move her to safer ground of the other footway, where your filming proved no vehicles were parked on the footway.

    You talk about damaged footways and broken tarmac, if this were the case surely you would have taken time out to film such damage, which could have been reported to TBC.

    I thank you for taking time to respond, thank you.

  7. Mr Stronach I look forward to the next street you film in as I am eager to see what others think of a problem which legislation allowed to happen nearly 25 years ago, verge and pavement parking was accepted as verge parking lines were placed in many areas of the country.

  8. big noise, Thank you for making my point for me with the link to a Dagenham and Barking document, am I to assume from that, in your diligence, you could not find a similar document from Thurrock, where we reside, and therefore the question of parking on the pavements is not allowed?

    Also within the document it does point out:

    “Parking on the pavement is a serious and growing problem. It is a hazard to other
    drivers, antisocial, encouraging contempt for pedestrians, forcing them to use the
    carriageway and blocking the way of parents pushing buggies, the elderly and
    disabled people in wheel chairs and electric carts. Parking on footways and verges also causes avoidable additional maintenance costs, which add unnecessarily to the Council’s financial burden.
    The pavement surface is soiled by oil stains and broken by the weight of vehicles,
    leading to an increased risk of trips and falls and an uglier walking environment.”

    One again, you say Mrs Pearce should have moved to the other side of the road and walked on that unblocked pavement, Why should she? She has a right as a pedestrian to be on the pavement, the vehicle owners, as I understand it, don’t have a right to park their cars there. I have sent a link to the three councillors mentioned in my post and it may well be that they will respond and say that parking restrictions have been lifted, but somehow I don’t think that is the case.

    If I am proved correct then an issue of parking and disruption to the elderly has been highlighted to the three councillors, one of whom is the portfolio holder for highways, the other two, ward councillors….

    Thanks for the response

  9. I have read your comments Tom Stronach regarding no parking in all TBC housing areas, at the rear of Fortin Close, provision was made to allow up to twelve cars for the residents of Fortin Close to use as there isnt any parking areas for them, on the small bungalow estate, also all the roads leading into Fortin Close have a single Yellow line painted, so there is no parking at certain times, because of the Somers Heath Primary school, there is also a strict No Parking zone outside the school, at any time, but because most of the parents who own cars or people carriers, they cant walk more than ten yards from their vehicles, so they park on the pavements and block the school entrance, the eldery residents of Fortin Close cant use their electric buggies, or some instanses cant get to the bus stop to go shopping until these, legless parents leave the pavements and return home, I dont tnink that the TBC cares what happens to there tenents, or there general welfare because all these cars lead upto, AIR and Noise Pollution to everybody, the portfolio holder for TBC, will tell you when you complain that, We havent got any money in the budget to do road repairs or improve footpaths, let alone go around telling legless car users they cant park on footpaths, when I complained I was told to contact the Police and the PCSO team in my area, I didnt know that the police did road repairs or improved footpaths, I did contact them and was told they will get onto Highways dept, to get the Yellow lines repainted again, but I asked will you be here to prevent cars parking on footpaths, they said they cant be everywhere, because of the cut backs to the Essex Police force they havent got any money to spare on offending car owners, I bet if you put a brick through South Ockendon police station window, they would eventually arrest me some time, because the police station is closed between 18:00 & 12:00hrs daily.

  10. There are lots of council policies and action plans regarding parking in the borough, a quick Google search will find the documents.

    But with much produced by the council, nice glossy policy documents, plenty of hot air from councillors but no action on the ground.

    I pointed out in the forst post of this article the farce of council workmen spending tens if not hundreds of thousands of taxpayers cash over the past decade repairing broken pavements caused by cars parking ont hem but failing to take any action on the drivers that either park on them or drive across them to park on their gardens.

    There has to be the political will to both enforce their own rules and spend funds ensuring adequate parking places.

    I would first have a reveiw of the yellow lines in the borough and remove those that arn’t needed to create more parking spaces, then have a rolling programme of creating parking spaces on grass verges where parking spaces are needed and take proper enforcement action against those that flout the rules and cost the taxpayers money by damging the pavements.

  11. It seems that Thurrock Council over the years, and I have lived here since 92, do seem intent on spending money on road projects that are wasteful and do not serve the purpose they were intended to. Example: Speed humps along the length of Foyle Drive: COST: Lord knows. INTENTION: to slow traffic. RESULT: Traffic not slowed down funds wasted.

    Deveron Gardens near Dunkellin Way; Example: Council introduced dropped kerb on one side of road but not on the other side WTF!!!!!!

    Example: TBC tax payers money spent on installing expensive steel fence along the whole length of Oak Wood, bordering Hamble Lane, Humber Avenue; Oak Wood not owned by TBC so why was taxpayers money used? The money could have been used to do a CPO on a strip along Hamble lane to increase the width of the road to the benefit of tenants….

  12. I am really not interested in things that TBC have spent money on, as the topic of your filming was about inconsiderate parking.

    So stick to the subject.

    That is why I chose to question your reasons previously, as you so obviously have other agenda’s against TBC,

    Mrs P you have been a pawn in all this, do the most obvious thing, cross the road and it will save you all the head shaking as you approach the parked cars and you find your walk is a little shorter in distance.

    Mr S If you so want to be the peoples champion, pop along to Deveron Gardens and have a chat to the residents where you will find out a little more, before you accuse residents of being inconsiderate.

    One of those cars was climbed on and walked over by the unruly, leaving dents on almost every panel which cost a lot of money to put right, another vehicle had a road cone bashed against it, causing considerable damage, some have had bungalow windows smashed, others have sufered the unruly diving through hedges, tell them they are being inconsiderate.

    Since your filming efforts, I have since found out that verge parking has been reported and numerous TBC officers have visted the road and as no further actions have occurred, I can only assume TBC are happy with the situation.

    You to should get to know your subjects before you film in a public place.

  13. I drove along Deveron Gardens last week, and stopped and saw ten cars parked on the pavement, but the area they were parked on, was for the residents to park on, we have similar where I live, the pavement is quite wide along Deveron Gardens.
    I spoke to one resident who said that there isnt any problems with cars parking there, as they mainly belong to the residents, as there no where else for them to park, the flower bed areas have always been neglected by the TBC, they grow more weeds that flowers. So its a case of getting some elderly person to say a load of lies for the camera.WTF!!.


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