Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Excellent start to the Festival

The Government Inspector by Nikolai Gogol
Stagabilty actors school

Writtten in 1836 and never intended to be seen this classic
play is a comedy of errors, satirizing human greed, stupidity, and the extensive political corruption of Imperial Russia.

The first night of the drama festival opened with this strong amusing tale of the visit of he government inspector. For an easy understanding of the plot think Fawlty Towers and the Hotel Inspector . So a stranger arrives in town and everyone just presumes he is the government inspector from St Petersburg and everyone falls over themselves to impress .bribe, confuse and influence this man.
Director Gary Sullivan drills his troupe well and it’s difficult to find a weakness. judging by the age of most of the cast the future looks bright for Essex theatre.

Adjudicator Paul Fowler found the set stylish and flexible ,the costumes were appropriate and well thought through.This was a production full of vision and a director who had plenty of ideas. Not all ideas worked but overall it worked a treat.

Visually it created a treat for the audience although the cast were guilty of standing in straight lines on occasion . This was a company that was strong visually and vocally and this is a rarity amongst younger groups . Strong lead roles which were well supported by other cast members. A production that was brimming with ideas and inventiveness . It had style ,panache and great work from all involved . It’s real strength was the commitment and verve that this young cast gave to a difficult piece .

Stagability have set a high standard for the rest of the week. Tonight sees Ad Hoc present “Don’t Dress For Dinner”.


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