Thursday, July 25, 2024

Labour campaigner at centre of “racial” allegation against East Tilbury councillor “remains elusive”

IT WAS a heated moment of controversy during the local election campaign in April.

A romanian canvasser for the Labour candidate in East Tilbury complained to Essex Police that she had been racially abused by East Tilbury councillor, John Purkiss outside the Co-op on Princess Margaret Road.

Cllr Purkiss vehemently denied the allegation and claimed it was “typical Labour”.

Two months later, YT understands that Essex Police are no further forward in their investigation. It is believed that despite a number of efforts the campaigner has yet to make herself available for interview.

Essex Police have confirmed that inquiries are continuing.


  1. So now into July, some 3 months on, and this Romanian is still nowhere to be found, obviously the allegation could not have been that serious if they have failed to make themselves available for interview, time for essex police to close the case.

  2. In fact, if this turns out to be a spurious claim, surely there should be an investigation into wasting police time?


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