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Labour anger at energy ministers “dereliction of duty” over Coryton

THE PROSPECTIVE parliamentary candidate for Thurrock (Labour) Polly Billington has launched a blistering attack on the governments energy minister over the continuing crisis at Coryton.

Shadow energy minister, Caroline Flint wrote to minister, Charles Hendry for clarification on a number of points.

In a document seen by YT, Mr Hendry tells Ms Flint:

“The administrators have sounded out the government regarding possible assistance…There has also been a subsequent request from Unite that Coryton be taken into public ownership

“We concluded that public money could not be used in this way to keep the refinery open.

“It is unclear what support the French government provided to the Petit Couronne refinery but as far as we are aware the German, Belgian, Swiss governments did not provide any state aid.”

Ms Billington has slammed the minister. She said: “This is an absolute dereliction of duty. A government minister should be straining every sinew to do what they can for the workers.

“This is not only just about 850 jobs but their families and a whole community under threat.

“There is a breath-taking air of complacency, an air of a minister not in charge of his brief at best and dis-interested at worst.”

Employees, union members, residents and families are planning to march on Westminster on Thursday.

It is also expected that a number of questions will be tabled in the House of Commons to Mr Hendry on Thursday.


  1. And this is from a minster whose own party leader admits that they got it “wrong wrong wrong” on Energy issues as well as Banks, Immigration, Tax, Iraq so please Polly whilst the sentiment is a good one do not pretend that your own party would have done anything different…..

    I seriously hope that this plant is not mothballed and that a buyer can be found, it is being reported on the other (less popular) Thurrock News site that a possible buyer has been found???

  2. I think Jackie Doyle price should have got involved in this , otherwise what is she there for. I think this is what the people who voted for her thought she was going to do , stick up for them in situations of this kind. As for Labor done this and Labor done that Lambo when you’ve got people like Mr. Hunt very appropriately named by the way it’s not what I’d call him but very close, very guilty and people abstain on a vote which quiet clearly is yet another get up. These are the people who are supposedly running the country, and setting an example. What example, with hunt today did that set? Do you feel a sense of fairness Lambo did you sense something wrong was done then covered up, you can say one thing about the Tory party don’t do as we do, do as we tell you to do.

  3. What part of the last Labour government could be said to be honest. Which last Labour Prime Minister was whiter than snow. How many of them have popped round to see how Dr Kelly’s family are feeling lately. How many people watched Bliar and the Gargoyle Brown at the Leveson inquiry in total incredulity. How many news presenters were sat there open mouthed at what they saw. Dear old Polly knows that they can’t find a buyer yet because interested parties want it to close so they can get a better deal out of it afterwards. Go back to the home Polly, have a nice cup of tea and a biscuit and forget all about it. Just like you did the last ten years of a Labour government.

  4. Polly has to pretend to care because she wants to be the next Thurrock MP.

    It would also be nice of Labour to actually state what they would do differently rather than sending out hollow phrases attacking the Tories.

    Everyone wants Coryton to be saved no matter what political party you come from but yet again we see Labour trying to divide.

    Albert – Lambo has stated several times that they do not have links to any party. They simply stated facts about the last government.

  5. Bernard thanks for your input I still stand by my last comment Jackie Doyle Price should have got behind this and helped out the workers at Coryton

  6. Well spotted Mr Editor!

    I wonder… does Polly know where the boundaries are? Being as she’s new to Thurrock, someone should explain to her the difference between Thurrock the constituency and Thurrock the Local Authority area… 😉

  7. Mike thank you for pointing that fact out to me and I fully make an apology as regards to JACKIE DOYLE PRICE but then I have to say the comment I made should have applied to Stephen Metcalfe surely two MPs from the same basic area could have tried to do something in support for the workers of Coryton

  8. For how long will Labour be blamed for everything now, and in the past that is wrong in this country?
    Its gets boring hearing the same old, day in and day out!

  9. jmw118, probably until such time they stand up and accept what a total shambles they made of the countries finances, immigration and warmongering and admit that they are no better than the current government, rather than pretending they are whiter than white and do nothing wrong???


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