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Metcalfe puts record straight on “Invisible man of Coryton” criticism

UNDER-FIRE MP FOR South Basildon and East Thurrock, Stephen Metcalfe has countered criticisms that he has been less than pro-active in dealing with the Coryton crisis.

Labour MEP Richard Howitt has had a very high profile both in Corringham and in Europe. Thurrock Council leader, cllr John Kent has spearheaded a number of task groups and recovery initiatives, Mr Metcalfe has appeared to have taken a back seat.

In his defence, he has outlined a number of meetings he has had with the Energy Minister, Charles Hendry as well as other initiatives. But Mr Hendry’s own performance and/or the work of his advisers has been slammed.

Caroline Flint, Labour’s Shadow Energy and Climate Change, has accused ministers of not doing their homework, after the European Commission denied that the British Government had sought their advice on whether Government assistance would be allowed to keep the Coryton Oil Refinery open and save 850 jobs– even though ministers claimed the reason they can’t step in is because of EU rules.

Caroline Flint said:

“With 850 jobs on the line the Government should be doing everything it can to keep Coryton open. People will be shocked that the Government doesn’t appear to have even bothered to consult the European Commission when ministers are claiming EU rules are the reason they can’t step in. If the French Government can provide assistance to keep their refinery open, people will want to know why the British Government won’t do the same here.

“If Coryton closes and 850 people lose their jobs all because this Government didn’t do its homework, ministers will have very serious questions to answer.”


  1. Now an Email to the Oligarchs – . Some of the £80bn for UK Banks should be allocated for Coryton. Yes We Cam?

  2. What I would like to know are the full reasons that this plant has entered into administration, is this due to mismanagement or is this an ailing plant that is no longer viable, if it is the latter then I fail to see how throwing public money at it would be beneficial in the long term, and before I get shouted down, yes I know that this plant employs over 800 people and they need some form of protection but standard economics dictates that you do not try and save something that will not make a return on your investment, harsh words I know but I am trying to be pragmatic about this situation.

    If indeed the plant is a going concern then I strongly believe that assistance should be gained from the public purse, after all the cost of 850 jobless people would outweigh the cost of financial assistance to keep the plant running.

    There are things that need to be made clear regarding the status of the plant and why it slipped into administration.

  3. I agree with Caroline Flint to an extent, especially about the fact that the French Government saved their refinary and it would be good if a deal could be made here. But that comes with massive risk and as Lambo points out, more information is needed about the failures of Coryton before the government can throw money at it.

    Caroline Flint should know that throwing money at problems does little to solve them. Her party done 13 years of throwing our money around with very little success. I also think had Labour been in government they too would not be so keen to plough millions into this plant.

    As for c100boyz – Pollys not quite there yet but our slightly suspicious links to Barking and Dagenham may make it just that bit easier for her!

  4. A couple of new news items

    Russian offer

    Shell also interested

    Peroplus Failure January

    Over capacity is massive but the price is not coming down.Maybe that is what MP’s and Govt should be looking at ahead of any future Fuel Taxes rises.

  5. I do tend to agrea with a lot of the above however.
    We really do need to think that to lose this site, & 800 hundred jobs would have a massive affect on the whole of our bourough.
    Also at the heart of the story is the fact our very own MP has done NOTHING well apart from be his allusive self that is. He should of been at the for front of all discussions. It is all very well for him to say he has had a meeting with his OWN GOVERMENT, yet the men & women at this site want to see him in person showing them his rallying around for them & doing all he can. After all that’s the reason we voted him in, not just to look good at a garden fete.

  6. Has he moved to Thurrock yet or does he still live in Epping? Recall he promised to move to the borough at his selection meeting – do correct me if I am wrong.


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