Thursday, July 25, 2024

Commissioner Val bids to be the crime-fighters pal!

LABOUR today launched their six Police and Crime Commissioner candidates
for the East of England:

Bedfordshire- Olly Martins
Cambridgeshire- Ed Murphy
Essex- Val Morris-Cook
Hertfordshire- Sherma Batson
Norfolk- Steve Morphew
Suffolk- Jane Basham

The six candidates were joined by Labour’s Deputy Leader Harriet Harman MP
to launch the campaign in Cambridge this morning.

They pledged to fight the damage being done to policing by the Tory-led
Government, which has already seen 531 Police Officers lost across the East
of England and committed to doing what they can to support the police in
the fight against crime.

Labour’s Police and Crime Commissioner candidates for the East of England
have pledged to:

· Stand up for communities against the Tories’ 20 per cent cuts to
policing and the loss of 16,000 police officers.

· Keep police on the beat with neighbourhood policing, not hand it
over to private companies or leave it only to PCSOs.

· Back a strong and swift response to antisocial behaviour. Victims
should get a response within 24 hours.

· Be tough on crime, and tough on the causes of crime. We will work
in partnership with police, local people and councils to tackle and prevent

· Protect the police from political interference. Our candidates
have signed a contract to respect the independence of the Chief Constable.

Speaking in Cambridge, Labour’s Deputy Leader, Harriet Harman MP, said:

“Labour have six excellent candidates for Police and Crime Commissioner in
the East of England. They won’t stand by and let the Tories and Liberal
Democrats become cheerleaders for police cuts in the East.

“Since coming into office, the Tory-led Government have attacked the police
and undermined the fight against crime. Police budgets have been cut by 20%
with over 1000 police officers across the East of England set to go.

“The Tory-led Government should be trying to fight crime and support the
police. Instead they are cutting police officers and don’t have a proper
plan to cut crime.

“The Government need to realise you don’t cut crime by cutting the police.
Our candidates in the East of England will be campaigning straight away on
Labour’s five key pledges and will do what they can to support the Police
in the fight against crime.”


  1. So is she resigning as a councillor, or is she going to take the money and just focus on other things, a la Kiely?

  2. Is it just me that switches off every time I hear the phrase ‘Tory led Government’? It’s a Coalition and should be called such.

  3. The Labour party are far too busy accusing the police of racism and Police brutality to have time to be on the Police’s side fighting crime. They complain of over reaction when the Police deal with rioters and students smashing up and burning down London and other cities. Presumably tough on crime and it’s causes means more benefits for chav families and holidays for thugs who just can’t help themselves when they’re knifing and shooting people and dealing and taking drugs.

  4. It does make me laugh to read some of the comments people make, for example Ben Gadsby says is she going to resigning as a councillor before she has even been selected as the official candidate for the labour party from the eastern region .

    NoVoice – says the Labour Party are far too busy accusing the police of racism etc and then goes on to say that the parties creditability would be more benefits for chav families! I don’t think so and to only go with what one (1) labour cllr tweeted isn’t a fair judgement isit! when the Tories idea is that prison doesn’t work – KEN CLARKE – Home secretary has the police against her on her CUTS on there rights and entitlements and oh yeah David Cameroon thinks MY TAXES Should pay for families to have £26,000 in benefits which doesn’t include the child tax credits money scams! i hope that answers your question to the benefits from the CON-DEMS coalition

  5. Grays88, I am glad I make you laugh, unfortunately the joke’s on you, as I think you may have misunderstood. She’s not seeking to be selected as police commissioner candidate for “Eastern Region” from the above list. Essex will have it’s own police commissioner and she IS the Labour candidate.

    Clearly she doesn’t want to represent the people of Grays Riverside anymore, she wants to be a Police Commissioner. Great, good luck to her, but Grays Riverside deserves better.

    Also, you may wish to remember that previously there was no cap on benefits at all, and Labour still oppose having any cap at all, which is why in the past some of your taxes paid for people to get £100,000+ in benefits. Now that’s a con on us hardworking folk.

  6. Mr Ben Gadsby – breaker of all but master of none!

    Now the joke is not on me at all clearly the rules are the rules and i will copy them for you as you seem to only want to focus on them A person may stand as a PCC if:

    they are 18 or over
    they are a British, Commonwealth or EU citizen
    they are registered to vote in the force area in which they wish to stand
    A person may not stand as a PCC if:

    they have been convicted of an imprisonable offence
    they are a serving; civil servant, judge, police officer, member of the regular armed forces, employee of a council within the force area, employee of a police related agency, employee of another government agency, politically restricted post-holder, member of police staff (including PCSOs) or member of a police authority
    MEPs, MSPs, AMs and MPs will be able to stand as PCCs, but will need to stand down from their existing post before being able to accept the post of PCC.

    This clearly means she can stand as she is not a MEP OR AN MP!

    As for the joke on the cap on benefits it wasn’t really that funny at all… Labour don’t want a cap on benefits so what! Labour aren’t making a great deal about this special £26,000 which may I add is more than most people earn in Thurrock!, now as for the £100,000 there will be the odd extreme case where people cost the tax payers in the regions of £825,000 like Abu Qatada that isn’t being deported from the UK! this shows how a CON-DEM lead government slates the previous government (labour) on policies then when they come to power (fruition) they do nothing apart from hurt those that can’t defend themselves!.

    I do hope that answers your question BEN

  7. I just love this quote “damage being done to policing by the Tory-led
    Government” what a complete load of old codswallop, the Old Labour led govenment spent all the money, oh yeah I forgot that none of the Old Labour party recall any of this, and as there was no cash left then cuts had to be made to steamline the service.

    maybe if they had stuck to their own pledge of being tough on crime rather than sticking people on ASBOS, which don’t work, and also doffing their hats to the European Parliament on the Human Rights Act (thanks Cherrie Blair) then maybe, just maybe, crime may have taken a dip rather than a big upturn under the Old Labour.

    Looking at their pledged they seem to have nicked most of that from the Tory Party manifesto; however, even they and the Lib Dems have failed to listen to the public and implement any of the, all mainstream parties have failed in their duty to the British Public in relation to Crime and policing so lets stop the inter party bickering and do something about the whole bloody failing system before peopel start to take the lasw into their own hands.

  8. I wonder if she will buy herself a nice frock to wear instead of dressing like a worker from North Korea?

  9. Grays88 – thanks for confirming that according to the rules she is eligible to stand. My point was not that she was ineligible, simply that if she doesn’t want to be councillor for Grays and Deputy Leader of the council any more, she should stand down. And if she does want to be councillor for Grays and Deputy Leader of the council, she shouldn’t be running for this.

    What will suffer as a result of her candidacy? Will it be her portfolio of Housing, perhaps, an area of great concern to many Thurrock residents where the repairs contract is not being managed properly? Or maybe it will be the ward work, sorting things out for the humble council tax payer, who actually voted her in? Or maybe she has lot’s of spare time on her hands…

    I suppose the third option is she might want to be both councillor and PPC, though quite whether she could do both effectively is highly debatable… Not even sure she excels at the former.

    In any event, I’m sure YT among others will have an opportunity to put such questions to her over the coming weeks and I look forward to her dodging the question.

    On the benefits cap. Is £26,000 too high a cap, quite possibly. Like all new ideas, we will see how it works in practise and I’m sure there will be things that can be improved. My point was not that the Conservative Policy was perfect, just that our policy seems to be closer to your viewpoint than Labour’s.

  10. It was the Labour party that increased benefits from about 53 billion in 2000 to 110 billion when they left office anmd they had no plans to curtail that level of increase if they were still in power. That must make you proud Grays88.

  11. Grays88, you should really consider your (apparent) allegiance to Labour and perhaps consider coming over to the independent side! In your first post you say “David Cameroon thinks MY TAXES Should pay for families to have £26,000 in benefits which doesn’t include the child tax credits money scams!” Well, the Tories are trying to reduce the amount paid out in benefits and Labour are fighting against it all the way. The child tax credit scams you rail against were in fact Labour’s policy and, once again, Labour are fighting all the way any suggestion of decreasing them.
    You complain against the amount of money we have spent on Abu Qatada yet it was Tony Blair that signed us up to the European Human Rights convention thus making deportation of anybody virtually impossible. All Labour policies, all Labour disasters.

    I don’t rate the Tories much better. They have had the opportunity to make many more changes than they so far have but at least they are trying to reduce the amount of money Government spends. Grays88, have a rethink. Discard Labour and become an independent thinker!

  12. Ben – get over it was a general election in 2005 in thurrock cllr Gary Hague (tory) didn’t stand down did he? yet in 2010 in Thurrock cllr Carl Morris (lab) did stand down as a councillor, so who was right there Ben?
    As for Val Morris-Cook’s position in the council as Deputy leader/cabinet member for housing that is only for her to make such a decision on whether or not to stand down etc or for her residents, I am not going to defend somebody on that basis. I am sure you can ask her during the campaigning time.

    On the matter of the CAP i am not for the cap at that level as a person i don’t believe that it should be passed through parliament to allow people to claim that amount and carry on doing nothing within our society, However I am against the cap on the disabled!
    The Conservatives have not gone far enough where as Labour gave to much out. and didn’t cost it against the income.

    NoVoice – I am unable to clarify the doubling of the benefit payments, NoVoice do you have the facts on what income tax was paid in 2000 to 2010 when Labour left office? As for me being proud I am no way proud of that, however I am proud of other things they have achieved.

    Grays64 – Thanks for making the assumption of my alliance with Labour (I am sure they wouldn’t be happy with that with my views/comments) but nonetheless, I didn’t mean to complain about an individual itself I was giving an example as I personally agree with the European Human Rights convention as it gives the freedom to one and ALL. But we don’t deport and yet spend hundreds of thousands on following them and yet France/Italy/Germany etc will deport and yet they have signed the same Convention that the GREAT TONY BLAIR did… I hope that helps the Independent thinker!
    As for the reducing the spend on the tax payer it doesn’t help nor does it convince people when they help the rich and make the poor pay more that’s where I believe Labour are coming from when opposing these radical changes that brought the riots to our cities last year!.

  13. Grays88, you were doing so well and then you go and bring up the riots which were nowt to do with anything the Government were up to. And the Human Rights convention is badly flawed in that it automatically confers rights to everybody without any element of having to earn those rights or respect the human rights of others. As for reducing spending, just look to the continent to see what happens when Governments carry on spending in harsh economic times.

  14. I thought you was going to say something along those lines! I think maybe we should all agree to disagree on this issue!


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