Sunday, July 21, 2024

Tory leader slams “Labour scrutinising Labour”

THURROCK Council Conservative group leader Phil Anderson has once again spoken of his disappointment that his group have lost the chairmanship of some of the authorities overview and scrutiny committees.

After winning overall control of the Council in May, the Labour group appointed Labour members to the chair off all the authority’s scrutiny bodies, where previously Tories had been at the helm of three of the five.

That promoted anger from the Conservatives at the time and at last week’s meeting of the full council, when the annual overview and scrutiny report for 2001-12 was delivered, Cllr Anderson spoke up again.

He said: “”Congratulations to all members who sat on overview and scrutiny in the last municipal year. A lot was achieved and members on all sides of the political spectrum worked together.

““However, I now need to ask whether we will be able to continue the good work as the constitution of those committee has been changed and we are in a position where scrutiny will be weaker.

“”Policy will be determined by the same people whose policy is supposed to be scrutinised.

““I am disappointed that scrutiny on this Council is going backwards.””


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