Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Council leader slams government over Coryton: “They could have done so much more”

Thurrock Council leader, John Kent has expressed disappointment that the government has not done more to save the Oil Refinery, following the announcement that a consortium have made an offer to buy the Coryton Oil Refinery site.

Speaking from the LGA conference today where he was able to quiz the secretary of state for energy, about the matter, he said: ” I am so disappointed that more hasn’t been done by government to save the refinery and nearly 1000 jobs. Not only that but the impact on the national economy is estimated to be of the order of £1billion.”

He added: “As a task force we will redouble our efforts to support the Coryton workforce in what are unimaginable circumstances for them. That is our top priority and with the knowledge that more redundancies will be announced by the administrator, we will work with partners such as jobcentre plus to do all we can to support those employees.

“At the appropriate time and as more details emerge, we will of course, work with the new consortium of buyers to look ahead and support them in identifying their workforce needs.”


  1. Whilst I feel sympathy for those workers that have lost their jobs at Coryton why do the Labour Party feel that every time a private company gets into trouble it should be bailed out by public money, surely they would have learnt their lessons from the last time they were in office and had to borrow more and more just to keep the country running putting the UK even further in debt.

  2. Perhaps Comrade Kent could ask his prominent world stage Councillor Comrade Kiely to have a chat with his new frind Pluto Chaves about taking over the refinery. That way they could ship oil directly from Venesuela at cut price and keep the jobs at the refinery. Council tax payers and voters in Ockendon won’t be left with the feeling they’ve been conned by a delusional marxist. Comrade Kiely can continue with his sterling work of turning South America into a communist Eutopia whilst the Labour party here can claim that his marvellous work has saved the country. And can Comrade Kent quantify the £1 billion figure, it seems such a nice round figure to be credible.


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