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Councillor Kiely stands up against Paraguayan coup

HE MAY have not attended full council meetings in January, February and June.

He appeared to be invisible during the local election campaign.

He may not appear to have much to say about the day to day issues in his ward of Ockendon but rest assured that he has spoken out against the “political coup” in Paraguay.

The letter was published exclusively on the political blog, Liberal Conspiracy edited by Sunny Hundai.

It reads:

“We join the governments of Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador & the Dominican Republic in condemning the removal of the elected President Lugo in Paraguay, in a process that has been described widely as a “political coup.”

President Lugo has labelled his removal as a blow against Paraguay’s democracy & although accepting he is currently now out of office has termed it an “express coup d’etat.”

President Lugo was given just 24 hours to prepare a defence against an impeachment instituted by a temporary right-wing majority in parliament, using procedures the Lugo government has previously declared illegal & unconstitutional.

There have also been reports of human rights abuses from the new regime. For example, activists in the CUT-A (Paraguayan union federation) are reporting that the military have fired live rounds at unarmed protesters & campesino leaders have reported activists killed. Currently tens of thousands of Paraguayans are protesting outside the Parliament for the return of Lugo. They have established a Front for the Defence of Democracy.

“The progressive wave of recent years in Latin America has many powerful enemies, both from former ruling elites internally & right-wing forces internationally. International support is vital so that democratic & social advances continue.”

Eric Hobsbawm, Historian
Richard Gott
Hugh O’Shaughnessy, author: The Priest of Paraguay
Peter Lambert, Senior Lecturer in Spanish & Latin American Studies, University of Bath
Ken Livingstone
Colin Burgon, Venezuela Solidarity Campaign & Labour Friends of Venezuela
Grahame Morris MP
Valerie Vaz MP
Jeremy Corbyn MP
John McDonnell MP
Mike Wood MP
Baroness Anne Gibson, All Party Parliamentary Group on Latin America
Neil Findlay MSP
Frances O’Grady, TUC Deputy General Secretary
Tony Burke, Assistant General Secretary, Unite the Union
The GMB / Bert Schouwenburg, GMB International Officer
Billy Hayes, CWU General Secretary
Matt Wrack, FBU General Secretary
Manuel Cortes, TSSA General Secretary
Steve Murphy, UCATT General Secretary
Gerry Morrissey, BECTU General Secretary
Jonathan Ledger, NAPO General Secretary
Doug Nicholls, General Federation of Trade Unions General Secretary
Terry Hoad, Immediate Past President, University & College Union
Jody McIntyre, journalist
Kanje Sesay, National Union of Students Black Students’ Officer
Aaron Kiely, National Union of Students NEC & Black Students’ Officer (elect)
Lindsey German, Stop the War Coalition Convenor
Maggie Bowden, General Secretary, Liberation
Ernesto Laclau
Dr Francisco Dominguez, Centre for Brazilian & Latin American Studies, Middlesex University
Doreen Massey, Professor of Geography
Peter Hallward, Professor of Modern European Philosophy, Kingston University
Dr Steve Ludlam, University of Sheffield
Professor Mike Cole
Marcos Costa Lima, Profº. of the Political Science Department of UFPE
Jenny Pearce, University of Bradford
Dr Michael Derham, Northumbria University
Dr Lee Salter, University of the West of Engl&
Dr Diana Raby, Senior Fellow, Latin American Studies, University of Liverpool & Professor Emeritus, History, University of Toronto
Jonathan Rosenhead, London School of Economics
Iain Bruce, journalist
Grace Livingstone, Author, America’s Backyard
Mike Gatehouse
Rod Stoneman, Executive Producer, The Revolution will Not Be Televised
Pablo Navarrete, journalist & documentary filmmaker
Cat Smith, Chair, Next Generation Labour (pc)
Lucy Anderson, Labour Party National Policy Forum
Cllr. Samuel Tarry, Barking & Dagenham Council Chief Whip
Steve Hart, Unite the Union Political Director
Cllr Vince Maple, Labour Group Leader, Medway Council
John Haylett, Morning Star Political Editor
Jim Kennedy, Labour Party NEC (pc)
Denise Christie, FBU Women’s Committee
Ruby Cox, Chair of the Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign & as Chair of Unison’s Greater London Region International Committee
Jackson Cullinane, Political Officer, Unite Scotl&
David Winters, Croydon NUT & VSC TU delegation to Venezuelan 2012 member
Paul Foley, Head of Health, UNISON North West (pc)
Richard Ascough
Carl Maden, CWU NEC
Cllr Tom Beattie, Unite the Union
Kevin Flack, Chair Sevenoaks Constituency Labour Party
Phil McGarry, RMT Scotland & Scottish VSC
Matt Willgress, VSC Co-ordinator


  1. We, the people of Ockendon, salute Mr Aaron Kiely for his part in the brave fight against repression in the South American country of Paraguay. I am sure the people of Ockendon have always wondered how we could stand up for oppressed peoples overseas, even more so in recent times as Ockendon is now a place with perfect roads, no anti social problems, perfect housing free of damp and mildew and full employment and wonderfulness everywhere. Sarc/off

  2. The Wonderful Comrade Kiely. Here’s the People he backs: Brazilian president cut her political teeth by joining marxist guerrilla groups in Brazil. The Argentinian president hates Britain as we all know so she’s definitely got his support. The Bolivian president is a marxist and a personal friend of the lunatic Chaves of Venesuela. Oh and the Equadorian president is also a socialist. Why doesn’t Comrade Kiely shave his head, grow a goatie and a moustache, change his name to Lenin and use council tax payers money roaming around the world promoting world communism and marxist revoluition. Or better still why doesn’t he *uc* off and give us our money back.

  3. What’s most interesting here is that everyone is showing off their titles and accolades. Cllr Kiely styles himself as “National Union of Students NEC & Black Students’ Officer (elect)” and doesn’t mention that he’s a councillor at all. Once agian, priorities…

  4. How can a resident get a councillor sacked? or is it impossible? This man is a joke all he does is stick 2 fingers up to the people who elected him

  5. Lets hope that he has the decency to not accept any of his payments of being a Councillor in Thurrock, the bloke is one of the biggest jokes of Thurrock and the local Labour party should ensure that he is stood down from his position

  6. Mr Kiely may fancy himself as one to watch for the future of the Labour Party (or, more likely, the Socialist Workers Party) but if he can’t even be bothered with the day to day job of looking after his ward then he is doomed to obscurity. It’s no good pratting about trying to get noticed by Political bigwigs whilst ignoring the day job. But then, why bother with the plebs who voted for him? Clearly, he is more equal than everybody else so doesn’t need to dirty his hands helping the good folk of Ockendon. The man is contemtible.

  7. Prediction for local elections 2014: Labour fail to win seat from tories in Ockendon Ward,
    Prediction for local elections 2015: Aaron Kiely loses his seat for Labour in Ockendon Ward.
    Thurrock Tories must be loving this, but am sure the people of Ockendon are not!

  8. Unless he ends up getting imprisoned (or possibly sectioned – not sure on that one) you are lumbered with him for another 2 years, 10 months.

    Of course, the Labour party could send a message by suspending him from the party until he bucks his ideas up…

  9. For once Mr Gadsby
    I whole heartily agrea with you.
    I like many others hope this Cllr is either made to shape up or find himself suspended, he doesn’t deserve to be getting an allowence from us tax payers

  10. I found a YT interview of Cllr Kiely just after he became a councillor, and what a busy young man he was: meetings with local forums and over 50’s groups!!! Love to know what he’s doing in Thurrock these days? Does he still attend any of these meetings or surgeries?

  11. The wily, smiley Councillor Kiely continues his role as an elected Councillor safe in the knowledge that the Labour Group will not suspend him or withdraw the Party “whip” because they need his vote to maintain control of the Council thus enabling him to behave as he does. The Labour Party in Thurrock, especially the Labour Group of the Council seem not to care about the people of South Ockendon, particularly those who voted for him, who now believe they have been deceived by Cllr Kiely who promised much during his election campaign and in his acceptance speech but has delivered very little for them since. Time and again I have raised the issue of Councillors putting “outside” interests above their responsibilities as paid Councillors and been told that Councillors are quite capable of “multi-tasking” and “wearing two hats”. I and I suspect many others perceive “multi_tasking” and “wearing two hats”, taken in this context, is a way Councillors justify being twice paid i.e. as a Councillor and by the “outside” interest. Perhaps Cllr Kiely would enlighten us as to what remuneration he will receive when he assumes his role as National Union of Students NEC & Black Students Officer in addition to the remuneration he receives from the public “purse” as a Councillor. Cllr “Wiley” Kiely, at the very least, you owe the people of South Ockendon your assurance that you will give absolute priority to your duties and responsibilities to them as their elected representative. I am sure that the Black students who recently elected you as their representative have high expectations of you and rightly so, they will be very displeased if you treat them in the same dismissive way you have treated the people of South Ockendon. If you are in the slightest doubt as to your ability to give both roles the time and attention required then you should, for once, do the honourable thing and resign from one or the other.


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