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Chafford parents take campaign to Downing Street

PARENTS who are campaigning for primary school places for their children in Chafford Hundred have taken their campaign all the way to Downing Street.

Led by Chafford mum, Lea Agambar, the mothers were joined by Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle-Price and local councillor, Tunde Ojetola.

The mothers’ campaign will be boosted (long term) by hopes of a free school being built in the area and (short term) by the support of the education minister Michael Gove and prime minister, David Cameron.


  1. If they get extra school places then the whole borough should get them. Aint going to happen.

  2. But the whole borough doesn’t need extra places: some schools have lots of spare places, but they are not near the areas where extra places are needed! Pointless giving extra places to a school which doesn’t need them.

  3. You also have to remember that most the new developments are happening in the west of the borough which puts extra pressure on schools. I definately support a free school on Chafford and hope they succeed!

  4. Any new development of dwellings needs to have planning for the extra amount of people that will be living in these properties in regards to health and education, Chafford Hundred is just the top of the iceberg with the future planned developments for Thurrock, until such time that the infrastructure is increased along wth the increase in dwellings then we will continue to see this type of problem.

  5. On another post, you will see that top of Thurrock’s action plan for Education is to find out how many young children there are in Thurrock. They are blaming the health authorities for not giving them accurate figures in the past, but it’s not rocket science to work out if there are hundreds of new houses, you’ll need hundreds of new school places! “Sigh”

  6. What makes me laugh is that this isn’t new, it was only a couple of years ago that there were a bunch of different parents standing out side the council.those parents were waving their banners at the Tories.
    Yet now we see the tories trying to make out its labours fault.
    Oh dear they do have short memories.
    I feel so sorry for these parents,they are being used in the Tories game of political chess.
    The main priority should be to put the children first not political gain. JDP & her little helper should be calling on their own GOVERMENT,

  7. It is now a Tory government problem who will have to try and increase school places up and down the country thanks to Labour who opened the door to the whole world and boosted the population of this country to increase their own votes as well as to drive worki wages down while leaving millions of Brits sitting in luxury on benefits.

    Labour have not got a leg to stand on when discussing the state of the country and our services in 2012 when they spent 13 years running most of them down despite chucking millions around.

  8. There are clearly some people on here with very short memories. Name a school with spare capacity within the borough that isn’t earmarked for closure or amalgamation with another school. Then name a school in the borough that will have spare capacity next year. On the subject of short memories, Bankruptcy, non regulation of banks and other finanial institutions, I’ve never seen Ed Balls look so worried, Welfare expenditure through the roof, mass immigration, Illegal wars, social engineering on a scale never seen before, and Commie Kiely, international marxist of the year. Very short memories.

  9. There is only one piece of land in Chafford Hundred to build a school and no doubt the owner has doubled the price they are willing to sell it for.

  10. Novoice
    Every time I read a comment on here of yours, it’s always the same old same old.
    Commie Kiely.
    I wish some bugger would find you a voice

  11. Ok forget Kiely is spending taxpayers cash on his pet marxist passtimes and Comrade Kent won’t stop him. Name a school with spare capacity. You seem so sure the rest of the borough is overflowing with school places. If Labour and it’s supporters were honest with themselves and the public, people like me wouldn’t bother with things like this. And the public probably wouldn’t bother voting for them.

  12. No voice
    I have not stated that there are any schools within the bourough that are overflowing with places.
    All I say is councillors within the Tories should be looking at their own party.
    When they were in administration things were exactly the same at Chafford, they had every opportunity to do something about it.
    As I recall they had councillor Revell just making it worse with his bombastic approach. Yet now we see them standing shoulder to shoulder with those unfortunate parents & playing political games.Such as getting the parents up to downing street. Some body do In lighten me why did they not take the same
    Action when in administration????

  13. Rain Mack, lets not forget that before the Tories were in charge of the council it was Labour and tehy have been in since then and they have done absolutley bugger all about the situation, both parties are as bad as each other and are only out to try and discredit each other whilst the real problem gets skirted over in all the hype.

    why cant these politicians do what the public who voted them in want doing rather than acting like spoilt children in a playground squabble.

    As I have said on numerous occasions the problem with the school places is all the fault of the planning committes that continue to allow dwellings to be put on every bit of available land and then forget about the infrastructure required to support the new residents.

  14. Rain Mack the second post on here claims that some schools in the borough have lots of spare places. I didn’t say that was you. That quote simply isn’t true. If you want to know the truth, talk to parents and teachers, not people deraming up statistics at the council. Reem, name a school that is overflowing with spare places in the borough.

  15. Novoice
    I miss read?
    There are some schools that can offer one or two places,however no way is there any school in our bourough ( or any other for that matter) that could take more than a couple of children at a time.
    The point I keep Coming back to is particular councillors making political games,
    There are some very unhappy,frustrated parents trying to get school places. Yet we see the Tories again & again coming out with properganda stating not us sir? Well sorry but this situation was exactly the same when they ran the council. What did they do about it? NOTHING just sat on their butts.

  16. rain mack, it could be said that at least the Tory councilors are out there doing something by highlighting the issue, I have yet to see a Labour councilor do anything and they are the ones that are in power at the moment………

  17. Unfortunately this is a problem very much at Labours door. This council are now suffereing the consequences of their national parties policies over the last decade.

    It would have been impossible for parents 3 or 4 years ago to go to Downing Street to campaign for a free school considering this was not Labour government policy. Therefore all the Tories could have done back then was create a few extra places here and there, as did many local authorities of all political directions. A real solution has to be a free school on Chafford (or very close to the deveopment) and a tightening of catchment areas so only children who are from Chafford are given school places there.

    While we seem to be getting the houses, we are not getting the amenities which in time will lead to Thurrock having a much greater transient population with no sense of community.

  18. There’s a real simple answer to this that would solve a vast number of the country’s current ill’s but nobody is supposed to mention the I word.


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