Friday, July 19, 2024

Support our corner shops says MP

THURROCK MP Jackie Doyle Price rose on the floor of the house in defence of the borough’s corner shops.

Ms Doyle Price said: “The nation’s corner shops rely heavily on tobacco sales to sustain their business. As the Government are pursuing a number of policies designed to reduce tobacco consumption, may we have a debate on how we can support our corner shops, which are a lifeline in so many communities?

George Young (Leader of the House of Commons, House of Commons; North West Hampshire, Conservative)

“I note what my hon. Friend says about the importance of small shops. So far as standardised packaging is concerned, there is currently a consultation exercise, which I think ends on 10 July, on the case for and against standardised packaging of cigarettes. The Government have not made up their mind—we want to await the outcome of the representations that have been made—and I urge my hon. Friend and her constituents, if they have not already done so, to join members of relevant trade associations in making representations to the Department of Health on this important issue.”


  1. Whilst I applaud any government scheme to reduce smoking and the subsequent health issues that are caused by this; however, it is a double edged sword as the tobacco industry brings in billions in taxes to the UK and this cash would have to be recouped from somewhere else.

    The costs to the NHS due to alcohol related injuries is also very costly but they do not seem to want to try and ban this???

  2. I have seen the effort she and her friends put into Coryton oil refinery she is a joke, the lot of them

  3. Oh well said Albert
    Yet again she only shows Intreast in things that will benefit her?
    This governant is like watching a comedy sketch

  4. What local shops. The local Halal butcher, the local black hairdressers, the local Nigerian bar, the local money transfer or phone unlocking outlet. Er no thanks


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