Monday, July 22, 2024

Grays School set to become an academy

GRAYS SCHOOL and Media Arts College is set to become an academy.

The school has sent out a letter to parents detailing the proposal and timescale.

The school has taken the opportunity following the departure of the headteacher, Mrs Lynn Ibeji to make the transition.

The school is working in partnership with the local education authority at Thurrock Council to ensure a smooth transition.

The school is also in consultation with the Department for Education as to which form of academy would be best suited for the Hathaway Road school.

Assistant headteacher John Marchant has stepped up to interim head. It is anticipated that a new head will be appointed in January.


  1. Lets hope that they can get a head teacher that can turn this school around regardless of academy status or not, this establishment has been failing for years and TBC have been ineffective in the past at getting results, what makes them so sure that can do it this time?

  2. The thing about academies is that they effectively cut out the local authority, whose input would then be minimal. Instead, they have a provider (who has a large chain of academies) and who is dependent on them being successful to make a living.
    TBC would just have to be confident that the provider chosen would in fact be able to do a better job than TBC can.

  3. This school has been failing for many, many years…at the same time they have retained the majority of old dinosaurs running the place!

    The incredible amount of time, money and resources that the LA have ploughed into the school, have been frittered away at the discretion of a Senior Leadership Team who are still in charge! Expert advice has fallen on deaf ears…leaving the scenario,
    ‘If you do what you did…you’ll get what you got’!

  4. I’m very surprised this has been allowed to go on for so long.

    Where this has happened in other areas, a school is under performing the governors and senior team are often replaced. As it has been pointed out, the school has suffered with the same issues and management has not changed. I think a change is required to allow for this school to progress just like the other schools in Thurrock who are starting to achieve with the right sponsor in place.

    The key is the right sponsor who has the skills, and resources to progress the school


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