Saturday, July 13, 2024

Olympic torch relay comes to Grays

HERE IS the full version of the torch relay. From Lodge Lane all the way to Hogg Lane.

It was a fantastic day, fantastic atmosphere and a fantastic contribution from all concerned.

The people of Thurrock should be justly proud for creating such a wonderful atmosphere.

Thurrock Council and all its partners should also be applauded for their organisation.

It looked seamless but we know how much work went into it.


  1. Thank you for this, YourThurrock. I couldn’t get there today so really enjoyed seeing the whole run.

  2. Shame that there is nothing here showing about what went before the Torches, ie all the local children and organisations that started the whole process off. After all, the people of Grays are the ones that made the day, they will always be here, the Torch was only for one day! ! Have to give huge congratulations for the organisation and the safety of the parade. Well done all

  3. Mike Casey was at the front filming on the whole route from 3pm and if so i am sure he will post his film later.

  4. As magic said if its happening in Thurrock then MC will be on the case ?

    The fantastic coverage and dedication he puts in to promoting our borough and local people is fantastic and we should be truely greatful as if yourthurrock didn’t take the time no other organisation would bother


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